Sunday, May 16, 2010

Things End For New Beginnings

It is the ever-going cycle of life and death.. decay and renewal... beginnings and endings.

And... beginnings....

So the fat lady has sung (going with the tone of @greggrunberg's recent tweets) and NBC has officially cancelled "Heroes". (Sources: E! Online, TV by the numbers ). There was some murmuring about a 2-hour movie-event to wrap up the series, but one tends to doubt and wonder, if this is merely lip-service.

The cancellation news was no real surprise. The signs have all been there for awhile.

Sad as it is for a once scintillating series, I thought many things fell short after season 2 in particular. I've heard and read of *many* reasons/ excuses... but to me, personally, a cohesive, character-driven, well-written yet entertaining series is the magic formula for making a series work. And whether this in itself, is also able to balance the cheque book with accompanying production costs.

So some say things should be allowed to take time. Question is: How much time with the limited resources you have??? This is the hard reality that TV studios are businesses - and not charities.

Knowing how fast the world moves in this digital era, and how finger-tappingly short attention spans audiences have these days, those who are in media should find ways to do things differently if they want a product to be a money-earner. Old models feel safe, but they don't always work.

In his own inimitable way, David H. Lawrence XVII, our beloved PuppetMaster, kindly spoke to some Heroes fans-in-mourning at around midnight during an impromptu conference call. His practical and yet educational blog on "Why Do Network Cancel Shows" and the audio file from the conference call can be found here.

Our favourite bb, Zachary Quinto, has also posted a touching yet positive note on saying goodbye to "Heroes" on ZQC. Read it here.

As a personal farewell to "Heroes", I offer my heartfelt appreciation to the lovely behind the scenes folks, especially @JamesProps and @wendilynnmakeup for being so kind and open to the fans, and also to all the hardworking cast and crew for giving back as much love as we have shown them.

It has been a rewarding experience supporting such a group of people during their work in the series, and I will continue to appreciate their work and career post-Heroes.

Like the tenacious acacia tree in the scorching heat of a devastating Australian bush fire, we can be certain that new seeds will spring to life and take root. Fresh territories will be unearthed and many interesting and exciting new 'creative lifeforms' will emerge from our talented "Heroes" cast and crew members.

For starters, Zachary Quinto and Before the Door are already in the current news regarding their thriller movie, "Margin Call". Strong headliners like Kevin Spacey, Stanley Tucci have been announced as fellow cast members, together with Carla Gugino. (Source: Hollywood Reporter).

The movie - said to begin filming in Summer 2010 - has created enough buzz to be considered for distribution by interested buyers at the Cannes Film Festival (Source: Deadline NY).

Now, how exciting is *THAT*?!? :D

On a side note: for those who were curious (were you???) on the question regarding a previous Lance Mazmanian and ZQ connection, they both shared friendships with the people who were involved in a short film called "Mother" released in 2006. (Check out the thanks section in IMDb.)

To continue with the positive vibes, come back here for a VERY special interview blog post this coming week!

I am sure you'd love it! ;)

@syzzlyn, who will miss that darn sexy Sylar-two-finger-move


  1. Oh, you had to go and bring up the Sylar-two-finger move, didn't you?

    I'll miss this show. I'll miss the cast and crew all being together. I'll miss familial atmosphere they provided to the fans. I'll miss Sylar :(

    But I have no doubt there's more to come from this talented cast and crew, and I for one plan to follow them on their future endeavors!

  2. Thank You for all your Love & support of our Show and thank you for your kind words in this Blog... Best Wendi (Heroes Makeup)

  3. eserei27, no one can do that two-finger move like Sylar does!

    And you're welcome, Wendi!