Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Post-Heroes-pocalypse and Birthdays!

It's been a couple of days since the Heroes-pocalypse and I know many are still unable to fully process their emotions.

However, the most moving tribute and farewell undoubtedly comes from someone who has worked with the cast and crew for long periods of time over the "Heroes" 4 years' tenure.

WendiLynn, one of the talented make-up artists on the set, is by far one of my favouritest person to follow on Twitter. She has posted her heartfelt thoughts on the end of "Heroes" in her own blog. Click here and leave her a comment!

Through Wendi's Twitter, we received a goodbye message from the imperially enigmatic Mama Petrelli, Cris Rose - who said: "Thank u 4 watching us & caring about the show. You added 2 the fun & excitement of the "event" that was HEROES!"

Besides Zach, whom I've already mentioned in an earlier post, other "Heroes" actors have also left their thoughts and messages about the cancellation.

Adrian Pasdar left a note on his YouTube channel. Click here to see his goodbye message.

Jimmy Jean-Louis our favourite Haitian tweeted: "Sad news about HEROES .. The Haitian will always be around but you won't realize... he will make you forget."

Milo Ventimiglia spoke of his thoughts exclusively on The Gary & Dino Show #7.

Grunny's tweet mentioned that that he was "Gettin' calls from Cast & Crew. An amazing group I was fortunate enough to work w/ on #Heroes. 4 great seasons. 100s of friends 4 life."

Incidentally, Grunny has found a new role in a new NBC comedy series entitled "Love Bites" together with the bosomy Jennifer Love Hewitt (whom I know has many testosteronal fans ;) ) (Source: E! Online)

Also look out for your Asian Indian hottie Sendhil Ramamurthy as a regular in a new series "Covert Affairs" on the USA Network with Chris Gorham (another favourite of mine!). Chris tweeted this lovely pic of Sendhil on set awhile ago! CLICK HERE to view!

And did you post a birthday greeting to Sendhil today? He also shares the same birthday as one of the very GQMF dudes of Before The Door, Neal Dodson! As Lance Mazmanian lamented, "What do you buy a guy who has his own 2010 Gulfstream? A little hat, with a ball on top? All the best, broham."

Gee.... I don't know.. Hmmm... Neal??? Would a lot of @syzzlyn-style twitter love and support do?? ;) Hehehe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

To round up this post, it seems like perhaps the fat lady is still whistling. It may not be the real end of "Heroes" just yet... Perhaps it will continue in Graphic Novels like cult favourites "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel". I also received word that NBC is also watching the discussions on the 9th Wonders board. To give your support and your thoughts, post in the thread here!!

Especially .... read what writer Jason Badower posted in that same discussion thread!

And it seems that the 2-hour TV movie may be a high possibility according to sources who attended a conference call. (Source: IGN TV) But I guess, as in every thing in life, nothing is ever quite set in stone.

Makes for an exciting (if not sometimes frustrating) journey, no?

PS (19 May):
* Creator of "Heroes" Tim Kring's statement can be seen here (Source: Scifi Wire)
* Additional goodbyes from some more "Heroes" cast members - Sendhil Ramamurthy, Ali Larter and Jack Coleman in Wendi Lynn's blog. Jack's long message is also rather moving.
* James Clark, the "Heroes" props master is currently tearing down and packing up the props. He is documenting them in his Tumblr. Click here!

PPS (22 May):

* James Clark's special goodbye post can be found here.

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