Sunday, April 18, 2010

The World, A Stage

Curtains! Spotlights! Cue. Enter Stage.

The magic of theatre. I succumb.

And as most of us are well-aware, so does theatre-buff Zachary Quinto. Being in NYC and closer to Broadway, Zach seems to be taking in the theatre scene with relish!

He was spotted attending the opening of a brand new musical, "Bloodsong of Love" with pal Jesser Tyler Ferguson (Source: Theatermania). We also suspect his latest tweet was referring to a Broadway theatre play entitled "When The Rain Stops Falling". If you are curious what the play is about, check out The New York Times' review here.

All dressed in coordinated grey and blue and swoony geeky glasses, Zach also found time to attend the "Elektra Luxx" premiere at the 15th Annual Gen Art Film Festival. His friend Carla Gugino portrays a pregnant porn star in the film. I couldn't help but notice the strands of hair sticking out from Zach's gel-ed coiffure (see pic above). Too cute!

Zach is also supporting the Love Benefit - a charity Gala for WET Productions that honours women. The night will consists of a few short plays that will be performed by several well-known actors including Zach himself, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Carla Gugino, Ron Livingston, Jennifer Carpenter and Chris Messina. 

With all this talk about theatre - Have you been on a stage before? Do you feel differently when you are on stage?

It's been a long time since I've done any performance work. I've enjoyed being the brains, organizer and behind the scenes work far more. However, that doesn't mean that I do not remember the special buzz one feels when one is on stage.

My love for stage work has now mainly been as an audience. For three years running, our tiny island has been blessed with three wonderful Shakespeare productions helmed by great actors. One of the most memorable was in 2007, when RSC's production of "King Lear" arrived at our shores. The esteemed Sir Ian McKellen played the lead role. That night was a very magical theatre night! I attended the play alone and was mesmerized by his powerful performance.

As we are coming to the subject of dear Sir Ian, my favourite talented and slightly-devious Twitter person and BFD collaborator @LanceMazmanian has revealed to me how he had prepositioned the poor elderly gentleman some years ago. *gasp* You just have to read Lance's own words. (CLICK HERE.) It is nothing short of scandalous! hahaha! It does seem to say a lot about Lance's attractiveness though, as it is quite known that Sir Ian has really good tastes! ;)

Following the theme on how actions speak louder than words, er, I mean text... He of the luxuriant beard, the (comedic) heart of BFD, our beloved Corey Moosa decided to do a Friday tweet of a most epic tribute video instead of his usual. Please be warned of the very addictive song used in the video. And... happy trails keep me happy, that's all I can say. *big grin*

But if you prefer all-out back-breaking, sweat-inducing hard-core action, then you might like to check out the web series "Stunted" by Victor Quinaz and gang. Zach and the BFD have been working with VQ and team recently, even waking up at the break of dawn to do some filming in Brooklyn. I believe, there is probably a FOD video in the works as well as other stuff on the web and film! I bet it'd be hilarious... and I can't wait for more news!!

To see how VQ and gang do all the tough stunts, like the extremely hazardous "Swing Dismount", catch the trailer here!


As I am now typing up this blog, my twitter-buds @eserei27 and @darkelegance are heading for another hopefully memorable ZQ experience in NYC! They will be attending the aforementioned night of short plays by WET Productions and I really do hope they get to meet our handsome bb again!

Keep your finger on this page. The fan report will be blogged.


  1. I ought to start going to local theatre performances. I'm a bit of a home-body, and it's sometimes hard for me to deal with crowds of people, but perhaps I need to get immunized again so I can experience it.

    I would happily run the lights and sound, or write the script- but you would never catch me actually performing on a stage. No. Way.

  2. MJ.. sorry.. accidentally deleted your comment coz there was some stupid Chinese spam post.

  3. My reply to MJ,
    re: The Moosa.. I KNOW RIGHT??!! OMG. O_O
    Heart stil pounding. lol

    I've not gone up on stage for the longest time. I was v active in local church as a church musician for about 12 yrs.

    Did some mission work in orphanage in Thailand/ Thai-Myanmar border for a Karen refugee camp. Mainly kids and due to the language barrier we did a lot of songs and mime.

    But I much prefer the organization, marketing and conceptual part of performance arts. I shine more doing those things.