Friday, February 12, 2010

Sooooo Bromantic!

Bromances seem to be the in-thing lately.

Although this pervy heart of mine was the most slashy during the days of the "Lord of the Rings" movie trilogy. There was just way too many bromances in those movies to miss! Remember those longing and heartfelt Hobbit to Hobbit glances??

All the familiar symptoms - heart-racing, breath-quickening, synapses-firing and wistful sighs - were revived again when I watched the episode, "(Up Against) The Wall". (NB: Additional words in title courtesy of moi). That episode just about canonized all things Petlar. Peter and Sylar as a pair was simply hot, Hot, and HOT!!

I felt like a voyeur with all the sexual tension arising (*ahem*) from this very seductive pairing.

The tentative touches, "I'm-now-right-in-your-face" glares and stares, appreciative glances, accompanied by angsty-male verbal exchanges, blowing hot and cold... Definitely very convincing performances by the GQMF duo - Milo and Zach. I had always thought Mylar was *IT*, but Petlar had such undeniable chemistry and promise that I'm now utterly sold!

Loads of animated gifs of Petlar can be viewed at this link (for those above 14 yo). And tell me if they don't look sexy!

It's interesting how the writers have used the alternate mind-universe which Matt created to go by in number of "years". I suppose they are suggesting that if you are faced with your enemy and no one else for "years", you might even find yourself able to forgive. What do you think? I'm not quite convinced. But then I'm a cynic ;)

My favourite quote from "(Up Against) The Wall": "Sorry to break up the love-fest." Hahahha. Eli, that's a WIN!

So after the bromantic sonata, we were led to the season finale "Brave New World" earlier this week. Reformed Sylar is now trying hard to be a non-villain. I am simply yet unable to call him a "hero" because he's still a villain in my mind and I love him evil. I love my bad boys ok? I have no other valid excuses than this.

The 180-turn from bad to good reminded me of how Spike decided to become Buffy's bitch. Seeing Sylar following Peter like a fluffy puppy-dog is not something I really like to see but I can understand the need to get Sylar somewhere other than slicing brains, since the entire "Heroes" volume was entitled "Redemption" - no less. *shrug*

To me, the season finale was kinda lacklustre and predictable. When it comes to epic battles or shocking cliffhangers that are worthy of a finale, it seems to fall short. I was glad that they did tie up the loose ends on the Charlie-Hiro storyline. K Callan, who played the elderly Charlie, was amazing. She managed to capture Jayma May's mannerisms just right!

I also begin to wonder about some apparent loophole relating to how Samuel actually garners his power. That thing about him having power from the fellow "carnies" seems to be such an afterthought. I have to say, that Robert Knepper does crazy-bad awesomely well though. And, it did tickle me to see roly-poly Doyle being made as some sort of lighted decorative ornament by Sylar. Hehehe.

As a nod to a possible Vol. 6, a short teaser was shown at the end of Vol. 5. The teaser showed that Claire did the one thing that no other hero wanted - to tell everyone about their powers. Will things end up being mutants vs the non-mutants à la X-men?

The other question that is now on everyone's lips - from the lovers to the haters - is: Will "Heroes" survive another season?

We'll just have to wait and see.

PS: Keep coming back to check on this blog - there will be an announcement relating to a very special SArmy charity raffle when it is ready!

PPS: Oh and I have to give a special mention to a pair of musically-talented biceps owned by the incandescent Chris Dallman. Check out a documentary-interview of him here!
And do look out for his brand new music video for a beautiful tune entitled "Ghosts" .... coming in about two weeks!

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  1. I think the idea of "saving the world" does not make sense without being attached to "save yourself", because each character will rediscover, err, right. In Heroes no villain or hero, people are discovering the evolution of their lives. It's not like X-Man or any super-hero, is more than that.
    This is the secret of the series, if it is lost it is lost as well.