Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well Suited Surrender

After having epic Retro Black Hat Sylar and the mash-up of S1 Heroes with a S4 twist last week - an episode which I enjoyed tremendously - I felt a little bored with this week's "Shadow Boxing".

"Once Upon A Time in Texas" felt like soul food. Kudos to
@natiejay for his awesome directing work. Credit must be given because it was his first directing debut too! The flow was almost seamless and I felt wistful again about the distant memory of S1 Heroes. I was so impressed with the episode that I sent @natiejay a tweet with my compliments.

This week's episode was full of Sylar win although I was bored with the Claire and Emma segments (psstt writers... can we have more of the carnies PLEASE). Indeed, I was very bicepstually pleased. The downside of this was that I had difficulty concentrating on the rest of the storyline whenever Sylar's molestably-furry arms appeared. So don't let me go on about the other delectable scenes, like those which involved romp-able Urban Outfitters bedsheets and what those of us on Tumblr would call... extreme Pantene hair porn.

Still, I was most enraptured by those arms .. Fine. So they are technically Matt's arms but we all know that Sylar was taking control of that body! The arms are like poetry in motion. Whether they are trying to fix a flat tyre, exhibiting an extreme act of violence or merely surrendering. And he showed his hands of surrender TWICE! In a suit! I had the urge to dorn a police costume and dangle a pair of handcuffs in front of him so that he could do some really fine surrendering. *grin*

(BTW, doesn't that tyre iron scene remind you of a certain candid paps photo which has been circulating not too long ago?? Does art imitate real life?? ;) )

After a tussle of wits and power, guilty but heroic Matt got the upper hand for this round. Down went Sy-Matt. Will it stay this way for long? We'd just have to tune in to next week's Heroes episode "Brother's Keeper".

Here's a trailer for next week's ep from

The VERY spoiler pics are up on
that website too!

As for other spoilers ... if you have not heard/ seen by now, more obvious answers about the news relating to an imminent character death has been circulating and creating tremors in the interwebs. For the totally spoiled, get the latest scoop from
the ODI as well as someone's youtube channel. All I can say is - that person's certainly got class and I will be sad to see a long time cast member leave. :(

BTW, I do so have the Star Trek Limited Edition Aus version DVD in my pervy hands! A Captain Fine/Spock-driven squee-fest with my evil twin is currently being planned, complete with mandatory alcohol and snacks. Both of us will gladly surrender our mental (and other) faculties to the very GQMF Star Trek cast for a few hours. hehehe :D

Stay tuned for a report on what kind of mischief we might have got up to!

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