Saturday, February 28, 2015

LLAP, Leonard Nimoy (1931 - 2015)

Goodbyes are difficult. Especially so, when it is related to someone special and with such a far-reaching impact as Leonard Nimoy.

The actor best remembered as Mr. Spock in the "Star Trek" franchise, passed away in his home due to lung cancer.

Leonard Nimoy is no doubt a legend but he is, I think, most appreciated as a lovely human being and an inspiration to many.

I did not know Leonard Nimoy personally, of course. But I had the good fortune to have met him. Albeit only very briefly, for a few short minutes, at a Star Trek Convention held in Las Vegas in 2009.

I was not even a hardcore Star Trek fan to begin with, but Zachary Quinto was also there at the same convention and not being a U.S. resident, I did not know if I was ever able to get to chance to meet him again. That same sentiment carried over to Leonard Nimoy, who was already an elderly gentleman, and a widely celebrated iconic personality.

As hundreds stood in line waiting for their turn to take a quick photo with Nimoy, he stood there patiently tall, and would always greet the next fan with a ready smile and a warm firm handshake. The entire affair was all over pretty quickly as the line of fans was shuffled along. However, those short few moments, where two people from different parts of the word connected in the same time and space because of a shared interest?? I could never forget that.

Just like the Vulcan salute and greeting, "Live Well and Prosper", Nimoy sought the good things in life. And by that I don't mind just luxuries or good food and wine. He saw the good in humanity, always had kind and wise words to say, and flexed his creative biceps in different ways. He loved photography, was a poet, musician director and a philanthropist. He stood by equal rights and helped the feminine cause with that unique voice of his - whether that be through the spoken word or in a wise tweet.

Having given the role of a younger Spock in the "Star Trek" 2009 movie, Zach has mentioned in a number of occasions that Nimoy not only became his mentor, he was also a close friend. Naturally, the loss of such a man, was deeply felt.

Here is Zach's farewell message on Instagram:

We all join Zach in this sentiment -  one that is shared and felt by many in the ZQ Community and "Star Trek" fandom all over the world.

Live Long and Prosper, Mr. Leonard Nimoy.
You will be greatly missed but you will always be remembered.

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