Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Fan's Zachary Quinto Experience at Nerd HQ

It never fails to make me feel delighted whenever I hear of a fellow ZQ fan who had a wonderful experience meeting Mr Sexy Biceps himself.

As any hardcore Zachary Quinto fan would know, his production team Before The DoorArchaia took over Nerd HQ last Saturday for a panel about graphic novels "Lucid" and "Mr Murder Is Dead". (Still don't know what Nerd HQ is? Check out this blog post!)

The panel was streamed live from Nerd HQ which allowed many other fans who were unable to be at San Diego to partake in the ZQ/ BTD/ Archaia goodness. Comic creators Michael McMillian, Victor Quinaz and Brent Schoonover were also present to talk about their graphic novels.

Cassandra was right there at Nerd HQ and she happily shares her story and pictures with us!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Remember This Day - "Margin Call" Official Trailer Is Out!

It's a financial crisis!

Finally, after many months of waiting impatiently for an official trailer, the one for "Margin Call" was released yesterday on Yahoo! Movies.

"Margin Call", written and directed by J.C Chandor, chronicles the start of a financial crisis happening right in the heart of a Wall Street investment firm.

Unprimeval abnormalies show up. Things get ugly. Facts get covered up. Blame gets wonderfully distributed all around.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Suspended Geek-gasm - Zachary Quinto at NerdHQ

Blame it on the fact that the earth is round and I am 15 hours ahead of San Diego. And that I have to log in "normal working hours" the entire week.

I also have to admit that I do not possess any time-freezing or time-travel powers. (Sorry to disappoint some of you.)

I just simply couldn't stay up for the live webcast of the Archaia - "Lucid"/ "Mr Murder Is Dead" panel held at the NerdHQ. I do consider an attempt to re-generate my brain cells a very important process. Plus, I am getting old.

So, I do not have the details of what have been said or actually transpired at the panel. I will leave that job to my Twitter buddy @eserei27, and she will send me her report of the panel when she is able to.

If anyone else wants to send me a quick fan report with pics and/ or vids, do feel free to email me!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zachary Quinto Goes NERD in SDCC

For the last few years, faithful "Heroes" and Zachary Quinto fans would wait in line many hours ahead to get into his panels at SDCC.

This year, Zach will be at SDCC again together with Corey Moosa and Neal Dodson, his cohorts from Before The Door, and publishing partner, Archaia. But this time, the gang will be doing something different!!

You see, Zach is friends with Zac. As in Zachary Levi. As in the lead actor from "Chuck". As in Zac, the huge self-professed geek who started The Nerd Machine.

To give others who do not have SDCC tickets a chance to join in all the geekery, The Nerd Machine has joined hands with BreakMedia (a leading digital publisher) to host a NerdHQ offsite at the Gaslamp District! The festivities will be held at Jolt’N Joe’s.