Thursday, October 29, 2009

Temptation, Temptations

What a cruel cruel way to start a "Heroes" episode.

Slay the fangirls (and fanboys... equal opportunity here) dead with a scorching Sylar-Janice sex scene within the first 40 seconds.... and then when they haven't quite recovered, revive them and get them all gleeful with Sylar slouching drunkenly-suggestive-like-so on a comfy red sofa.

Have to admit, I was way too distracted when those lovely biceps reappeared!! And how they appeared too! With that suave signature hair porn move! By then, I was - of cause - already a useless wet puddle when the chest and the curve of that lean back came on screen. Where's my favourite paramedic?!!?! It would have been far safer if I was watching this episode in a hospital! :p

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dangerous emissions

*crash*! Sorry! *stumble* OUCH! :/

Ah! ooh. ... Hi there! Did you see that thick pink estrogen fog-cloud back there?? Goodness, I had difficulty trying to find my way to this blog!

On Monday, global temperatures suddenly hit mercurial highs and the polar ice caps nearly had a total melt-down. The estrogen fog-cloud has also now yet to dissipate.

Zachary! What did you do?? More importantly, how do you do it?

For those not in the know, here's the lead up to this momentous event: on Monday night, thousands glued themselves to a TV or computer screen, intently watching dirty Sylar transform into purple-plaided-confused-yet-dastardly-handsome Synathbriel (via a brief show of bare biceps and a happy trail within 5 seconds into the eppy), and later progressing into a very wet Synathbriel in transculent white linen (*yum*!) >_<

..........@_@ .........! ......... !!!

Oops. heh. Pardon me. My thoughts went into places I cannot unpornographically express here upon a hormonal flashback of wet Sylar.

And HAIL to the wardrobe department for making purple plaids look sexy for men! And the people who chose that white linen baptismal outfit must love us very much too. ;)

With the damage he has done recently, I think Zach should come with a global-warming and health warning label. Such a warning should be screened before each Sylar-focused episode of "Heroes" . Yes? No?

Before you decide to agree/ disagree, please take a look at the animation gifs here... scroll down the page (Thanks to Jasmine, owner of the Zachary-Kristen website!)

For a good rundown of the episode "Tabula Rasa", check out my twitter-pal @shejon's Scifi Warehouse blog!

Next week, Wet Sylar turns into Shirtless Sylar.

Here's the trailer courtesy of

Don't say I didn't warn ya! Especially those with weak hearts and a very fertile imagination.

Please have your own paramedic ready! (Peter Petrelli, anyone?)

PS: Is anybody more than slightly nervous about the spoiler hinted by Kristen in EW?? :(

PSS: And a referral plug here. If you share alot Heroes/Sylar files amongst friends or between your iPhone and computers, get the application Dropbox ! I just tried it and it's really easy to use!

screencap by syzzlyn, who will get her hands on a pair of estrogen fog-resistant goggles soon

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shackled By Circumstance

Once we saw that familiar dirty hand and body emerge from the shallow grave, most Heroes fans couldn't wait to see what kind of person would be re-born.

As he was coldly manacled to the desk and interrogated, we then found out, he was neither Sylar nor Nathan, nor the Gabriel Gray we once knew. "Sylar" was as new as a baby born ... and oh so scared and disoriented. Poor baby. *pat pat*

And those poor tightly handcuffed hands!! Hands up all those who winced when he jerked his hands desperately trying to escape from those cuffs and yelped as he got hurt? Guess they aren't aware yet of how those Sy-hands can do really bad damage. At this point though, "Sylar" was ineffectual by fear; immobilized by unfamiliar territory.

I am sure those feelings are familiar to many of you. Been there myself. Although my practical nature took over easier than most who "think" and feel more with their hearts. That awful feeling of being stuck and unable to move; not knowing where to turn or go... getting drowned by overwhelming waves of despair as you feel chained and shackled by circumstance.

Well.. from those hard times, I've learnt that going SOMEWHERE is better than taking nary a step at all! And having someone that prods you gently in a direction helps.

Sooooo, as "Sylar" arrives at the very luring, very shiny Sullivan Bros. Carnival, let's see how Dirty Sylar progresses to Wet (yum! :P~~~) Sylar in this week's episode "Heroes" episode entitled Tabula Rasa.

To whet your appetite, here's a Samuel-Sylar-focused promo for the new episode!

Plus, congrats to Zach for a new producing deal with country music star Brad Paisley, producer Mark Schwann, and writers Neal Dodson and Matt Bomer to create and co-produce a TV show for the CW Network, tentatively titled "Nashville". The show is set to debut next year! (Source:

(screencap by syzzlyn, who is taking steps to more unbridled freedom)

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'd give an Arm and...

.. well, it's a puny, lean arm compared to Zach's (but kinda well-toned, I have to say)... still, I'd give an arm and a leg just to see our favourite bb give one of his radiant smiles at photoshoots and events again.

That blank or deer-caught-in-the-headlights look seems to have become di rigeur at shoots during formal events and in some fan pics lately. :(

Why that distant stare? Poor guy...

Has all that frenzied shooting at "Heroes" tired you out? Judging from @wendilynnmakeup's and @JamesProps tweets, I know there have been quite a few long night shoots lately.

Are those annoying bullying paps getting you down?

Are you craving to do something creatively new other than just "Heroes"?

Maybe all these events and promos are getting to be a yawnful of socializing 'the-same-the-same'... I would also think that the crazed fangirling/boying out there can get a bit much too.

As much as I lament about the lack of bare biceps (*sob*) lately, I mourn more for Zach's disappearing smile. I know that there are many of us who would love to see his special smile beam more frequently again. You know, the smile that used to come so easily and lights up an entire room. Heck, the universe even.. < - lens flare! - >... anyway, I've digressed...

Yes, the Zach Smile has been quite rare in recent times... sigh..

Talking about giving an arm and a leg.. if you can't afford that, you can still give something to the SArmy's donation drive! All proceeds will go to the Epilepsy Foundation. Donate USD10 or more to the SArmy and you'll be entered to win a prize pack. Do your bit for charity and click here NOW!

And don't forget to watch this week's episode of "Heroes" entitled "Hysterical Blindness"... *just* to catch dirty Sylar. It'll be very good for your brain ;)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Armed for Charity

Don't be fooled, people.

Those dangerous biceps - even though nicely covered and suited up - are well-armed to do serious charity work.

Zach was all his usual business-like GQMF-ness at last weekend's Acts of Love, an Evening of Theatre and Music benefitting Autism Speaks. (More pics available at
Accidental Sexiness' blog!)

And for those who are still not in the know, Zach is also our fearless leader for the formidable
Sylar's Army. We are fieeerrrrce and we will over-rule the world with our charitable spirit! ;)

Sylar's Army or SArmy, raises money for charity that Zach supports. At the moment, it is the
Epilepsy Foundation. There are lots of cool SArmy merchandise one can purchase from the website in support of charity.

We will also soon be welcoming a new honorary member to SArmy - Ray Park! Equally biceps-tually-pleasing Ray, who plays Edgar in "Heroes", was recruited this last weekend by @eserei27 at the Mid-Ohio con. Before the Mid-Ohio con, some of us - including @Sheindie and moi - had tweeted to Ray and invited him to join SArmy.

And that is not all...........there is also
an eBay auction for a Zach autograph photo which ends REAL SOON! Check it out and bid for it, if you can afford it!

So it's no excuse, flex those biceps muscles of yours, and you can do some mean charity work too! :D

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Charming Monsters

Let's say, you desire to be special or want to rule the world, and expect to acquire some infamy and manipulate not a few mediocre normal people in the process ... what might be the best way to achieve this?

Why... be Charmingly Devious of course!

Oh, I am sure going at it with guns to heads would work too. But it is definitely not as elegant or intelligent. And mule-headed victims or informants would willingly take the desired information with them to their deaths.

Which kinda defeats the purpose, isn't it? 'Cause normal people can be such useful tools in helping you achieve your goal! And you won't be able to amass your very own minions.

So, it's no surprise that Charisma is an important ingredient on creating your very own brand of villainy. Why can't you enthrall them all while doing very bad, naughty things, right? ;) Besides, it can be fun watching them go running around in circles knowing that you're the mastermind behind all that.

And our dear favourite "Heroes" villain, Sylar *oozes* such charm that we simply cannot resist him. Even when he hasn't gotten his body (and those strong bare biceps... I miss those biceps!) back yet. Plus he's sooooo difficult to ignore, especially when he has a fluffy Pink Bunny in his hands. You'd be so Sy-glamoured, like Matt, that you'd even follow that Pink Bunny down the bloody-red rabbit hole. DRATS!

For a detailed review of the last "Heroes" episode entitled "Ink", check out
Sci-fi Warehouse by @shejon! @shejon and I shared Zach's space together, so do swing by her blog for "Heroes" and other sci-fi goodness!

And for those going to this weekend's
Long Beach Comic Con Convention, our favourite Before the Door guys - Neal Dodson and Corey Moosa will be there with the Archaia folks and Michael McMillian! Michael McMillian will be signing limited edition posters for the comic release "Lucid".

Do email us at with photos and pics if you have met them and want to be featured here in this blog! :D

(screencap by syzzlyn, who is taking Sy-lessons on becoming enchantingly evil)