Thursday, December 24, 2009

Festive with Sweaters.. and then..

... we'll SAVE THE WORLD!! \(-__-)/

Oops. I was getting excited there. That's cause I just heard a few hours ago that Sylar was going to save the world - as we Heroes fans know it. And why not?? Since he has an ever-ready Sylar's Army to do his bidding?? :D Plus, I bet he'll be flexing those sexy biceps while doing the saving.

Don't believe me? Check this seductive Sylar voiced-promo vid at! The promo is for the two-hours of Heroes when the show returns on January 4th!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sylar Hungry, Sylar Nailed

*narrows eyes* I am beginning to suspect the "Heroes" writers are up to no good when it comes to Sylar. They seem to be turning up the Sylar-bad-assness a few notches in the past two weeks' episodes.

In "Thanksgiving", Sylar feeling very STARVED, made me feel very HUNGRY too. Watching him dig into that pie, makes me imagine all things nom nom nom. :D If you are not convinced,
click here!

Sylar was also being very naughty kissing Mommy Petrelli. Oooh. Me envious. O_O

And as for this week's "The Fifth Stage" -- yes, I am indeed *very* aware that Sylar Got NAILED. Peter, damn it. It was suppose to me doing the nailing!! *pout*