Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SArmy Meets Zachary Quinto at "Lucid" Book-signing!

As promised, here's a fan report from Sylar's Army (SArmy) moderator, @Selestina118 about her short meet and greet with Zachary Quinto!

After many attempts to meet our SArmy leader, @Selestina118 (with a friend) finally met Zach at the "Lucid" HC Book-signing at Midtown Comics, NYC on May 18th.

We were all so happy that she managed to have her special moment with him.

Here's her story!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Zachary Quinto Goes Lucid And Blue

Before The Door's first graphic novel "Lucid" - a collaboration with indie publishing company Archaia - was popular enough to warrant its first Vol. 1 collector's edition hardcover version.

Written by "True Blood" actor Michael McMillian, drawn by Polish-based artist Anna Wieszczyk and skilfully lettered by Shawn DePasquale, "Lucid" the graphic novel introduced us to rakish Matthew Dee, a powerful mage-spy working for the government and trying to take down a conspiracy fueled by shady dark forces.

The hardcover version, set for release on May 25th, also features a special forward by Alan Ball ("True Blood", "Six Feet Under"). It also has a sigil guide that includes their names and meanings!

To celebrate the event, two release parties/ book signings were held on the same day (18th May) on both East and West Coast of the USA!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A French Fan's Meeting With Zachary Quinto

It is always a joy hearing or reading stories about fans from various countries who get to meet the gracious Zachary Quinto.

Whatever one thinks of Zach and his sometimes curt behaviour towards some press folks, he has, in most cases, been very patient with his fans.

In the 2009 Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas which I attended, Zach had one of the longest lines for his autograph-session and he took his time - whether that be a few seconds or half a minute or more - for each fan. He chatted with them and acknowledged each fan's thank you with the same. Count me impressed that day. For I have met many celebs, and I wasn't expecting too much from one as galactically popular as he.

He had also exceeded this time allocated for the very short autograph (paid!) session, but he made sure that he signed for as many fans as he could - to the chagrin of the organizers that Sunday afternoon.

So, I am absolutely pleased to publish this fan story from Isabelle, who flew all the way across the Atlantic from France to watch Zachary Quinto in Signature Theatre's "Angels In America" in NYC earlier this year.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fairy Tales and Romantic Comedies

... Two things that have been associated with Zachary Quinto recently.

Actually there's another -- unkempt beards. But I think I want to forget about that. :|

Personally, I am not totally adverse to beards. Some beards can look quite sexy, but the fashion in which Zach was spotting when some paps pics were taken, weren't exactly the kind that would throw me in a heated frenzy.

Although... on second thought, it kinda made me think of this: