Sunday, August 26, 2012

At Hollyshorts Film Festival 2012: Lorie "Sunfell" Makes It To LA!

Another ZQ admirer manages to meet Zachary Quinto in person recently.

This time it's Lorie "Sunfell", who managed to gather her courage and make it to the city of Los Angeles for the Hollyshorts Film Festival earlier this month.

I know she's been hoping to meet Zach for a long time, and I am glad she got her time with Zach. Especially since many of us have experienced memorable face-to-face contact with the tall, handsome and very gracious man!

Here's Lorie's account of her LA adventure:


When Lindsay "SantaFeFan" Robinson proposed that I go to Hollyshorts Film Festival back in May, my first thought was 'No way'.

I have great difficulty with crowds and noise, and, while this was not a convention (which I used to love going to), it was still going to be tough to negotiate. But she twisted my arm, (I finally got it working properly last week), and I booked a flight. To say that I was nervous about the whole thing was an understatement. But I found some courage and determination, and went.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

At Hollyshorts Film Festival 2012: A Zachary Quinto Encounter

It was exciting times earlier this month for Zachary Quinto, Before The Door and the team from PERIODS Films.

The quirky web-series "PERIODS", produced by Before the Door and created by Victor Quinaz and Anna Martemucci, had its official worldwide premiere at the Hollyshorts Film Festival 2012 on opening night, August 9th.

Many Zachary Quinto fans are already familiar with "PERIODS" and quite a few of them were able to make it to Los Angeles' Grauman's Chinese Theatre to celebrate the premiere with Zach and his friends!

(To get to know more about "PERIODS", Victor Quinaz and Anna Martemucci - click here for my interview with these two wonderful creative people!)

I wish I could have been there to enjoy all those creative biceps that night. Plus, I really miss the fangirly biceps of my friends - @eserei27, @HardlyanAngel and @syellefan88 - after leaving them post-Comic-Con just two weeks ago. *sniff*

But it was also nice to see/ hear of a bunch of familiar ZQ fans getting together for a fun night in Hollywood.

The first fan report that I have on that night's events is from Gloria. Here's her rundown of the Hollyshorts opening night!