Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"Agent 47" Shoot in Singapore: Project Hunting Zachary Quinto's Biceps - Part 2

We have now entered into the last few days of the "Agent 47" shoot in Singapore.

Project Hunting ZQ Biceps continues with fervour from local die-hard fans, and I really hope they manage to meet Zach in person at a suitable time and location before he heads back home. Because if you catch him at a right time, Zach is such an absolutely lovely man!

Before the shoot began, I did try (with the help of ZQC moderator Lindsay Robinson) to request for a little bit of time with Zach through his official channel - just for a small group of local ZQC-ers. However, the word was that the schedule for the "Agent 47" shoot here is a very intense one and there is a high security label on it. So, strictly no site visits were allowed. Also, Zach will hardly have time for semi-official fan-related matters as he has to complete his work before returning to NYC for another commitment. 

The "Agent 47" filming is expected to wrap up on May 14 - which happens to be the same day our beloved X-Men folks are arriving. I had been wondering if any of them might turn up for the premiere as both movies are Fox movies. And then, in a local paper called TODAY, we were given heads up about Team "Agent 47" walking the Blue Carpet.

Sooo, will Zach's biceps be there? I hope so!

Anyhow, if you missed the excitement about the filming which has been happening here, check out my earlier blog post!

Monday, May 12, 2014

"Agent 47" Shoot in Singapore: Project Hunting Zachary Quinto's Biceps - Part 1

After filming in Berlin for some time, the shoot for upcoming 20th Century Fox movie "Agent 47" moved to the little island of Singapore earlier this month.

Prior to Zachary Quinto's arrival here, he was taking a short break touring Vietnam and Cambodia. We know this because of his Instagram feed, and of course, who can forget this particular pic of nekkid biceps relaxing in a pool. ;)

If you have missed all the excitement or news about Zach Quinto in town, here's a recap of what our bb's biceps have been up to while he was here.