Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kickstarting "Dog Eat Dog" - Go Woof And Donate!

Ugh. This is a potent mix.

Zachary Quinto + Dogs.

How can we resist?

A Kickstarter project for a short film entitled "Dog Eat Dog" was launched some hours back by LA-based director Sian Heder, in collaboration with good friend Zachary Quinto.

The short movie is a comedy about the heart-warming tale of pet (well, mostly dog) adoption. As you may already know, Zach met and saved furry-face Noah from a pound. So the short film will be based on his story .. or Sian's... or Noah's... Or all of the above.

Hmm.... I'm confused. Anyway...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

eBay Charity Auction - That ZQ Eye-Candy In August Magazine

So here it is. Finally.

After months of anticipation, and teasers from the interwebs, showing those gorgeous fashion photoshoot pages of Zachary Quinto, I have in my pervy hands a couple of copies of the Malaysia 3rd Anniversary issue of August Magazine. And it's up for grabs from an eBay charity auction!

The auction will have 50% of the proceeds go to the American Red Cross. It ends in 7 days from now.

If you are wondering why the shipping cost is so high, please do read the auction notes. The magazine is indeed gorgeous to look and to hold, but it's big and thick (about 3/4") and hence, will be safer having it shipped in a secure box. Unless, of course, you want the magazine to arrived badly crumpled or torn. Or even worse, not arrive at all.

After this auction ends, another copy will be put up on a similar-styled eBay auction.