Sunday, April 25, 2010

Zach Supports The Laydees

... with LOVE - a charity benefit for a non-profit theatre company and organization, WET Productions. This year's annual benefit held on 19th April, consisted a series of short plays - and our bb Zachary Quinto performed in two of them!

If you think meeting Zach once = WIN!
Then, meeting Zach twice = EPIC WIN!

Which is what happened to my friends @eserei27 and @darkelegance! This is @eserei27's fan report of that special night in NYC :)

And this time, they managed to get those awesome ZQ biceps around them for piccies!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The World, A Stage

Curtains! Spotlights! Cue. Enter Stage.

The magic of theatre. I succumb.

And as most of us are well-aware, so does theatre-buff Zachary Quinto. Being in NYC and closer to Broadway, Zach seems to be taking in the theatre scene with relish!

He was spotted attending the opening of a brand new musical, "Bloodsong of Love" with pal Jesser Tyler Ferguson (Source: Theatermania). We also suspect his latest tweet was referring to a Broadway theatre play entitled "When The Rain Stops Falling". If you are curious what the play is about, check out The New York Times' review here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tweets and the City

Quick! Get a hold on Neal Caffrey! We need our pretty blue-eyed con-artist to come do some super-sleek decoding on the Quinto-cryptogram!

Especially considering that Neal's alternate persona is Matt Bomer - Zach's fellow Carnegie-Mellon college-mate, I think it'll work just swell.

You see, Zachary Quinto has been a not-so-internet-cautious Twitter user lately. While busy in NYC (more on that later), he has been tweeting far more often than we have been used to! Imagine those slender fingers flying across his iPhone's Echofon!