Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wendi Lynn Shares Some More

Some of you are eagerly waiting for more of the interview with key makeup artist and one of our favourite personalities on Twitter - Wendi Lynn or @wendilynnmakeup.

Before I continue, I must confess that there is something I strongly admire about Wendi. As sweet and sunny as she is, Wendi is also a firm encourager of women being more confident with themselves.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brea and Zane Slay Us With The Undead

Brea and Zane at NYCC (pic by Erik)
Two women on the fringes of a collapsing society must escape a zombie apocalypse in “We Will Bury You,” a horror comic set in 1920s New York. Mirah, a sex worker with a loutish husband, and Fanya, a Ukranian immigrant thief, are lovers whose unstable and chaotic world becomes all the more complicated when a zombie plague infects the city.

Brea Grant (Daphne from “Heroes”) and Zane Grant, the creators of “We Will Bury You,” are basically two of the coolest people on the planet. Both are incredibly friendly, engaging, and down-to-earth. And they were kind enough to sit with me for an interview on the first day of the 2010 New York Comic-Con.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Clear and Lucid Birthday Shoutout!

Here's another October baby!

"True Blood" actor and "Lucid" creator's Michael McMillian's birthday is on October 21st!

Since Michael is a self-professed geek (and which geek does not like Star Wars?!?!), I have decided that the Sith Lord himself should also offer him a breathy greeting. Even if it's just a geeky clipart. hehe

Dear Michael - here's wishing you much success and a uber-fun time with friends and family!

Making Up Is Hard To Do

Maybe not too hard... when the make-up is being very skillfully applied by Wendi Lynn Avignone.

Wendi - or more popularly known as @wendilynnmakeup on Twitter - is very active on the social networks. Almost every day, she brings us behind the scenes of sets that she is working or worked on and regularly posts on-set photos so that we can take a peek on what's happening during her work-day.

If you are a "Heroes" fan, you can thank Wendi for those special effects make-up, like future Peter's scar, cheerleader Claire's injured head and Elle's bloody gun-shot leg. Wendi sure loves to mess with the fake blood. ;) And as a key makeup artist, she is an important contribution to what finally appears on our screens.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shared Birthdays!

It's PARTY TIME!!! \O/

Two "Heroes" actors share birthdays on 16th October -- they are none other than Brea Grant and Todd Stashwick.

Here's a warm big Happy Birthday greeting from ZQBiceps - and I think I can say that on all behalf of our readers and "Heroes" fans too!!

We wish you both lots of success, happiness and many more happy birthdays :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Charming-Devilish.... Inside

First panel from "Devil Inside"
To continue my "doubly-devilish" SDCC story ... While @RealFastTlkr and I were chatting with "Heroes" actor Todd Stashwick about "Devil Inside", I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that comic artist Dennis Calero was busy scribbling on a small piece of paper torn from his sketch pad.

One of my roomies had earlier showed me a "Devil Inside" postcard she got from visiting their booth. Apparently, their booth was pretty popular that week and they ran out of postcards! So here Dennis was, offering me a few scribbles of his artistic talent by doing an impromptu sketch of Jack Springheel aka the Devil - whose resemblance is based on Todd. I can attest that artistic biceps are also very captivating.

It was a very cool piece of drawing and when he was done, he passed it to Todd for him to sign. Todd and I then had a mini discussion about why they had chosen the subject of the Devil and Evil and Todd answered that one of the reasons was: "Evil is Sexy". Dennis then declared that he was "evil" and hence, "sexy". He proudly claimed that five women had told him that.

I teased him if it was mentioned by five women today? Or was only five women for the entire past week? He acted hurt and said "C'mon..! Of course it's just today!" I laughed.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Are Angels Naked?

From my intrepid forays around the internet regarding the subject "Angels in Art" - the answer seems to be No.

And if you are mistakenly having an image of cute naked Cupid in your head, here's news: He is actually NOT a cherub. Cherubic, maybe. But a cherub - Nope.

That bare-bottomed winged creature is actually the God of Love or eros in Greco-Roman mythology. I find him an annoying, pesky being. I feel like clipping his wings off and sticking that dastardly arrow up his .... . *evil diva smirk*

Regarding the subject of nudity - angelic or otherwise - some weeks ago, there were murmurings about nudity in Signature Theatre's production of Tony Kushner's "Angels In America" which stars Christian Boyle, Robin Bartlett and our bb, Zachary Quinto, amongst others. The rumour was sparked off (kinda) when Zach himself tweeted a picture of a warning sign for the play (see next pic below).

Having HRG Withdrawal Symptoms?

... never fear!

Our favourite towering, still-sexy-older-man GQMF Jack Coleman and his tough biceps will be making guest appearances in a few TV shows!!

So while you are missing the morally-grey Bennett teddy bear in our cancelled "Heroes" series, you can still catch him at a couple of shows to be aired real soon!

JC will be in the CBS crime drama "The Mentalist" on the October 14th episode. He will be acting as Max Armstrong - a wealthy, arrogant man who is suspected for murder. (Source: TV Guide) (Click here for an on-set pic with Missi Pyle.)

JC will also be guest starring in episode 6 of the current season of TV series "House" with -- *squee* -- Hugh Laurie. His role is a political campaign manager who has HIV, who will later be treated by Dr Masters. This episode coincidentally also introduces Amber Tamblyn as Dr Masters into the "House" cast ensemble. (Source: TV Guide) Click here for spoiler pics on Jack Coleman Daily. Awww.... we really need to stroke those biceps and make him feel better.

If that's not all, Jack is also involved with a TV movie on Hallmark entitled "Rock The House". (Source: BuddyTV). He acts as Dave Peterson, a busy father who manages to reconnect to his daughter via good ol' rock 'n' roll! The TV movie is expected to air in 2011. And if you are curious, here are some exclusive on-set pics from "Rock The House"!

For the scoop on things Colemanesque, check out Jack Coleman Daily.

Also, do check out tweets from makeup artist @wendilynnmakeup on Twitter. Sometimes Jack surprises us with a "hello" or two via her Twitter feed :)

PS: News just in! A "Heroes" public reunion is happening at the Hollywood Xpo on October 15th! There will be a panel that includes Tim Kring and Jack Coleman!

Is anyone is attending the Hollywood Xpo and willing to help me with blog posts, tweet or email me!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Doubly Devilish ... Inside

For anyone who knows me well, I have a fetish for the subject of Evil. I find Evil verrrry verrrrrry fascinating.

When I was at SDCC, I was urged by a couple of my friends to "go say hello" to Todd Stashwick at his booth. "You have to drop by to see him," they said. "He is promoting a comic with his partner." It took a few more prods (the verbal not the electric kind, you kinky people.. geez) and I got all curious.

It was fortunate that I had time on the very last day of SDCC. That Sunday was still a hectic day. I was packing "Castle" and "Merlin" panels, filming the "Lucid" interview with Michael McMillian, chasing down the "Syndrome" OGN peeps for autographs, saying hi to the Archaia folks and David H Lawrence XVII again and doing a last minute and thorough walk of the exhibit hall.

I passed by Todd's booth at Artists' Alley a few times but he wasn't there. I did see Dennis Calero looking rather lonely manning the booth by himself. But since I didn't know him (at that time) and I am rather shy (*blink blink*), I preferred that Todd was around when I visited their booth.