Saturday, September 25, 2010

Comedy and Comic Lettering

.. and you must be wondering...

What the Frak do the two things have to do with each other?

Answer: Shawn DePasquale

For those who have read "Lucid", the debut release from a Archaia /Before The Door collaboration project will notice that the comic lettering was done by the talented Shawn DePasquale. Who is also a writer. And a funny-man. And who had a very XXX-tra interesting job driving sexy people around ;)

Shawn was recently at the Golden Apples Comic store for an autograph session with the writer/ creator of "Lucid" Michael McMillian. They also did a really *beep* =censored= *beep* podcast together on Bagged and Boarded.

Confession: I am a nosy person and I love to find out what makes people tick. So by embracing and accepting my true nature, I just *had* to ask Shawn for an email interview.

So herrrreeee's what Shawn had to say!


Friday, September 24, 2010

More Lucid Reviews and Contest Results

And the good reviews for "Lucid" just keep coming in!

Here are a few more reviews on the internet:

A couple of fans also have their say about "Lucid" #1:
"Lucid was a great read. I love going back and reading it over and over (something I rarely do). The art is beautiful as well!" - @Selestina118

"I read Lucid #1, and I can't wait for the other issues! It's a complex and intriguing story and I hope they add many more issues!" - @SteffiGoosie

Do post your thoughts on "Lucid" in the comments section if you have read it!

And a big congratulations to Kyria Verney for winning the ZQBiceps blog's "Lucid" online contest!!
Kyria wins a copy of "Lucid" #1 autographed by Michael McMillian!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Heroes (and a Villain) at Dragon*Con 2010

Adrian and Senthil (Pic by eserei27)
Compared to the fast-becoming Hollywood-ized San Diego Comic Con, the more "fan-based" Dragon*Con is one the largest convention that has a big focus on scifi and fantasy. The convention is held in Atlanta, Georgia every year and this year, @eserei27, @darkelegance and @icalynn attended the convention - especially since there were quite a few "Heroes" panels!

Here's @eserei27's account of the very fun yet nostalgic weekend!


Despite the cancellation of my favorite ever television show (and if you don’t know what show that is, you obviously don’t follow me on twitter), I’ve still had a "Heroes"-filled year. In fact, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few cast members during 2010, and @syzzlyn has even let me blabber about it here on her blog.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nothing More Than More Spotlight!

Neo Geisha
While Natalie Wells is currently away in Japan for her wondrous 3-week holiday, the blog interview continues with part 2!

I can't wait for Natalie to return home with more stories and Nippon-esque photos, taken in her inimitable style. And I'm sure she'd be SHOPPING... lots! hehehe

In this second instalment, Natalie tells us about SArmy, Zachary Quinto, more about Japan and other fun stuff! Are you ready? Here goes!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Focus: Nothing More

The talented Natalie Wells
I am excited to introduce to you someone from the British Isles who is not only stunningly beautiful, but who also chooses to flex her artistic biceps to photograph hauntingly unique images. I find that some of her particularly interesting photos are hard to forget.

I consider myself fortunate to connect with 29-year-old Natalie Wells on Twitter many months ago. Natalie is also a moderator of the Sylar's Army forum and it so happened that we (not too) strangely bonded over a very bloody incident involving her pet greyhound!

Despite my rather deceptively "sunny" demeanor, I possess a dark gothic heart. And we found ourselves indulging in those macabre topics which we were not afraid to discuss about!

For a day job, Natalie is the manager of Ticket Alternative UK - a company that supply tickets and wristbands for events. She confesses that in her free time, she puts her Advanced Art and Design certification to good use as a professional photographer. Oh, and not forgetting, her other side job as super-villain. *g*

Natalie admits that "Heroes" is her favourite TV show.  "I don’t really watch much TV I’m afraid, my love for Heroes took everyone by surprise!", she says. Her favourite musical acts include an eclectic mix of The Prodigy, Reso, Fever Ray, Bjork, Joe Hisashi, Rob Zombie, Bat For Lashes, Camille Sant Saens, The Upbeats, Kate Bush... to name just a few!

Other than photography, Natalie enjoys Japanese culture, swimming and shopping. She stresses that "Shopping is a hobby when you do it properly!"

With a new fresh look and drive on re-launching her photographic work via a website, I've decided to grill Natalie with the "tough" questions ;)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lucid with Michael McMillian - Final Part 3

Michael McMillian (pic by Mabes)
"Lucid" was released on 9 September and boy were there lots of buzz and good reviews! There were reports that the graphic novel was near to selling out in some comic book stores. What a great debut for the first Archaia-Before The Door collaboration!

As Zachary Quinto tweeted just now - "Lucid" is the new Black ;)

If you have missed some of reviews or articles, here are the links again:

There's even a video of "Lucid"'s creator/ writer and True Blood actor, Michael McMillian and our fave bb, Zachary Quinto talking abit about the comic on MTV Splashpage.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The ZQ/ Heroes Connection

The Heroes fans meetup at SDCC 2010!
To all those who love sneering at us pop-culture/ comic fans having a fabulous geek-fest at Comic Con, just go talk to the hand.

Comic Con was indeed very very cool. But when you start to reflect upon that whirlwind weekend, you would realize that it wasn't so much about Comic Con itself that made the weekend memorable, it was the friendship forged and strengthened (before and after) that made it so Extra Special.

It is no different from so-called "non-geeky" folks who gather their butts down on a huge couch, drinking beer and watching sports game after game on TV (I can tell of peeps who plan and take a week-long off just to watch the English Premiere League) or those who line up their custom-made cars/ bikes on a weekend and ... well, talk about gears and wheels.

The common thing from all this human pack-like behaviour is the camaraderie built through shared experiences. For the convention goers, it consisted of those groaningly "where the frak is my coffee?" early-morning camp-outs, agonizingly boring long waits in line to see/ hear panels/ celebs, stumbling upon an awesome find at the exhibit hall, sharing the thrill of connecting/ meeting a celeb or just hanging out with your fellow geek friends. You don't need to *explain* things to your geek friends.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Lucid with Michael McMillian - Part 2

Interviewing Michael (pic by @Mabetini)
People, people.... The first issue of "Lucid" will be out in stores this week on 9 September!!

Writer/ creator of "Lucid", I had the chance to interview Michael McMillian at Comic Con about the first issue. Part 1 of the interview was featured in a blog post here.

Michael continues to reveal some magickal things about first book and gives us a few tidbits of what is to come next!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Going Berserker About Milo Ventimigilia

I thought I had missed out on this opportunity because Milo Ventimiglia was signing on Friday and I was already in a panel. However Top Cow arranged another chance for those who attended their panel on Saturday. All was not lost!!

I went to the Top Cow panel and managed to get fifth row, second chair in. Not bad I thought. I scanned the room but didn’t see Milo.