Thursday, December 24, 2009

Festive with Sweaters.. and then..

... we'll SAVE THE WORLD!! \(-__-)/

Oops. I was getting excited there. That's cause I just heard a few hours ago that Sylar was going to save the world - as we Heroes fans know it. And why not?? Since he has an ever-ready Sylar's Army to do his bidding?? :D Plus, I bet he'll be flexing those sexy biceps while doing the saving.

Don't believe me? Check this seductive Sylar voiced-promo vid at! The promo is for the two-hours of Heroes when the show returns on January 4th!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sylar Hungry, Sylar Nailed

*narrows eyes* I am beginning to suspect the "Heroes" writers are up to no good when it comes to Sylar. They seem to be turning up the Sylar-bad-assness a few notches in the past two weeks' episodes.

In "Thanksgiving", Sylar feeling very STARVED, made me feel very HUNGRY too. Watching him dig into that pie, makes me imagine all things nom nom nom. :D If you are not convinced,
click here!

Sylar was also being very naughty kissing Mommy Petrelli. Oooh. Me envious. O_O

And as for this week's "The Fifth Stage" -- yes, I am indeed *very* aware that Sylar Got NAILED. Peter, damn it. It was suppose to me doing the nailing!! *pout*

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scruffy Vulcan+Grandpa Sweaters = Sexy

The above equation summed up what transpired last week in the world of Zach. I am quite sure it is very mathematically sound ;) and I do not think Spock would even consider it illogical.

It was also logical that the interwebs were hyped up last week. They have been actively monitoring the frequency of the long-awaited Star Trek (2009) movie DVD/ Blu-ray release, and have been going all aurally and linguistically Vulcan (or Romulan, if the case may be) with the various leaked previews and screencaps. The Aussies seemed to have gotten theirs the earliest. Since I'm living closer to the Land of Down Under, I had ordered my Ltd Edition DVD from an Aus online shop and got mine a week early too.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well Suited Surrender

After having epic Retro Black Hat Sylar and the mash-up of S1 Heroes with a S4 twist last week - an episode which I enjoyed tremendously - I felt a little bored with this week's "Shadow Boxing".

"Once Upon A Time in Texas" felt like soul food. Kudos to
@natiejay for his awesome directing work. Credit must be given because it was his first directing debut too! The flow was almost seamless and I felt wistful again about the distant memory of S1 Heroes. I was so impressed with the episode that I sent @natiejay a tweet with my compliments.

This week's episode was full of Sylar win although I was bored with the Claire and Emma segments (psstt writers... can we have more of the carnies PLEASE). Indeed, I was very bicepstually pleased. The downside of this was that I had difficulty concentrating on the rest of the storyline whenever Sylar's molestably-furry arms appeared. So don't let me go on about the other delectable scenes, like those which involved romp-able Urban Outfitters bedsheets and what those of us on Tumblr would call... extreme Pantene hair porn.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh Noes!

... the season for spending is coming!! O_O And in that spirit of spending, I just ordered the Ltd Ed Aus version of the Enterprise Star Trek (2009) DVD from
EzyDVD that came with the USS Enterprise replica model. WOOHOO! Can't wait for it to arrive!

As the Aus release was much earlier than the N American release, several screencaps of the DVD extras and features have already surfaced on the internet. And some were really funny! The Star Trek (2009) gag real that was leaked a few weeks ago is particularly stomach-burstingly hilarious. Spock with an Irish accent - FTW!
(laughs in memory of those last couple of minutes)

Here's what you "might not have seen" from the gag reel ;) CLICK HERE!

Zach sure made good use of those lean biceps of his while filming Star Trek (2009). There was a segment in the gag reel where he took a really good but unfortunate shot at Captain Fine... and although I haven't actually seen the bonus features yet - he seemed to have been laughing quite a lot with *palm(s) to face*. I think it must be really hard to keep a straight face when you're standing in front of Simon Pegg! hehehe

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Temptation, Temptations

What a cruel cruel way to start a "Heroes" episode.

Slay the fangirls (and fanboys... equal opportunity here) dead with a scorching Sylar-Janice sex scene within the first 40 seconds.... and then when they haven't quite recovered, revive them and get them all gleeful with Sylar slouching drunkenly-suggestive-like-so on a comfy red sofa.

Have to admit, I was way too distracted when those lovely biceps reappeared!! And how they appeared too! With that suave signature hair porn move! By then, I was - of cause - already a useless wet puddle when the chest and the curve of that lean back came on screen. Where's my favourite paramedic?!!?! It would have been far safer if I was watching this episode in a hospital! :p

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dangerous emissions

*crash*! Sorry! *stumble* OUCH! :/

Ah! ooh. ... Hi there! Did you see that thick pink estrogen fog-cloud back there?? Goodness, I had difficulty trying to find my way to this blog!

On Monday, global temperatures suddenly hit mercurial highs and the polar ice caps nearly had a total melt-down. The estrogen fog-cloud has also now yet to dissipate.

Zachary! What did you do?? More importantly, how do you do it?

For those not in the know, here's the lead up to this momentous event: on Monday night, thousands glued themselves to a TV or computer screen, intently watching dirty Sylar transform into purple-plaided-confused-yet-dastardly-handsome Synathbriel (via a brief show of bare biceps and a happy trail within 5 seconds into the eppy), and later progressing into a very wet Synathbriel in transculent white linen (*yum*!) >_<

..........@_@ .........! ......... !!!

Oops. heh. Pardon me. My thoughts went into places I cannot unpornographically express here upon a hormonal flashback of wet Sylar.

And HAIL to the wardrobe department for making purple plaids look sexy for men! And the people who chose that white linen baptismal outfit must love us very much too. ;)

With the damage he has done recently, I think Zach should come with a global-warming and health warning label. Such a warning should be screened before each Sylar-focused episode of "Heroes" . Yes? No?

Before you decide to agree/ disagree, please take a look at the animation gifs here... scroll down the page (Thanks to Jasmine, owner of the Zachary-Kristen website!)

For a good rundown of the episode "Tabula Rasa", check out my twitter-pal @shejon's Scifi Warehouse blog!

Next week, Wet Sylar turns into Shirtless Sylar.

Here's the trailer courtesy of

Don't say I didn't warn ya! Especially those with weak hearts and a very fertile imagination.

Please have your own paramedic ready! (Peter Petrelli, anyone?)

PS: Is anybody more than slightly nervous about the spoiler hinted by Kristen in EW?? :(

PSS: And a referral plug here. If you share alot Heroes/Sylar files amongst friends or between your iPhone and computers, get the application Dropbox ! I just tried it and it's really easy to use!

screencap by syzzlyn, who will get her hands on a pair of estrogen fog-resistant goggles soon

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shackled By Circumstance

Once we saw that familiar dirty hand and body emerge from the shallow grave, most Heroes fans couldn't wait to see what kind of person would be re-born.

As he was coldly manacled to the desk and interrogated, we then found out, he was neither Sylar nor Nathan, nor the Gabriel Gray we once knew. "Sylar" was as new as a baby born ... and oh so scared and disoriented. Poor baby. *pat pat*

And those poor tightly handcuffed hands!! Hands up all those who winced when he jerked his hands desperately trying to escape from those cuffs and yelped as he got hurt? Guess they aren't aware yet of how those Sy-hands can do really bad damage. At this point though, "Sylar" was ineffectual by fear; immobilized by unfamiliar territory.

I am sure those feelings are familiar to many of you. Been there myself. Although my practical nature took over easier than most who "think" and feel more with their hearts. That awful feeling of being stuck and unable to move; not knowing where to turn or go... getting drowned by overwhelming waves of despair as you feel chained and shackled by circumstance.

Well.. from those hard times, I've learnt that going SOMEWHERE is better than taking nary a step at all! And having someone that prods you gently in a direction helps.

Sooooo, as "Sylar" arrives at the very luring, very shiny Sullivan Bros. Carnival, let's see how Dirty Sylar progresses to Wet (yum! :P~~~) Sylar in this week's episode "Heroes" episode entitled Tabula Rasa.

To whet your appetite, here's a Samuel-Sylar-focused promo for the new episode!

Plus, congrats to Zach for a new producing deal with country music star Brad Paisley, producer Mark Schwann, and writers Neal Dodson and Matt Bomer to create and co-produce a TV show for the CW Network, tentatively titled "Nashville". The show is set to debut next year! (Source:

(screencap by syzzlyn, who is taking steps to more unbridled freedom)

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'd give an Arm and...

.. well, it's a puny, lean arm compared to Zach's (but kinda well-toned, I have to say)... still, I'd give an arm and a leg just to see our favourite bb give one of his radiant smiles at photoshoots and events again.

That blank or deer-caught-in-the-headlights look seems to have become di rigeur at shoots during formal events and in some fan pics lately. :(

Why that distant stare? Poor guy...

Has all that frenzied shooting at "Heroes" tired you out? Judging from @wendilynnmakeup's and @JamesProps tweets, I know there have been quite a few long night shoots lately.

Are those annoying bullying paps getting you down?

Are you craving to do something creatively new other than just "Heroes"?

Maybe all these events and promos are getting to be a yawnful of socializing 'the-same-the-same'... I would also think that the crazed fangirling/boying out there can get a bit much too.

As much as I lament about the lack of bare biceps (*sob*) lately, I mourn more for Zach's disappearing smile. I know that there are many of us who would love to see his special smile beam more frequently again. You know, the smile that used to come so easily and lights up an entire room. Heck, the universe even.. < - lens flare! - >... anyway, I've digressed...

Yes, the Zach Smile has been quite rare in recent times... sigh..

Talking about giving an arm and a leg.. if you can't afford that, you can still give something to the SArmy's donation drive! All proceeds will go to the Epilepsy Foundation. Donate USD10 or more to the SArmy and you'll be entered to win a prize pack. Do your bit for charity and click here NOW!

And don't forget to watch this week's episode of "Heroes" entitled "Hysterical Blindness"... *just* to catch dirty Sylar. It'll be very good for your brain ;)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Armed for Charity

Don't be fooled, people.

Those dangerous biceps - even though nicely covered and suited up - are well-armed to do serious charity work.

Zach was all his usual business-like GQMF-ness at last weekend's Acts of Love, an Evening of Theatre and Music benefitting Autism Speaks. (More pics available at
Accidental Sexiness' blog!)

And for those who are still not in the know, Zach is also our fearless leader for the formidable
Sylar's Army. We are fieeerrrrce and we will over-rule the world with our charitable spirit! ;)

Sylar's Army or SArmy, raises money for charity that Zach supports. At the moment, it is the
Epilepsy Foundation. There are lots of cool SArmy merchandise one can purchase from the website in support of charity.

We will also soon be welcoming a new honorary member to SArmy - Ray Park! Equally biceps-tually-pleasing Ray, who plays Edgar in "Heroes", was recruited this last weekend by @eserei27 at the Mid-Ohio con. Before the Mid-Ohio con, some of us - including @Sheindie and moi - had tweeted to Ray and invited him to join SArmy.

And that is not all...........there is also
an eBay auction for a Zach autograph photo which ends REAL SOON! Check it out and bid for it, if you can afford it!

So it's no excuse, flex those biceps muscles of yours, and you can do some mean charity work too! :D

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Charming Monsters

Let's say, you desire to be special or want to rule the world, and expect to acquire some infamy and manipulate not a few mediocre normal people in the process ... what might be the best way to achieve this?

Why... be Charmingly Devious of course!

Oh, I am sure going at it with guns to heads would work too. But it is definitely not as elegant or intelligent. And mule-headed victims or informants would willingly take the desired information with them to their deaths.

Which kinda defeats the purpose, isn't it? 'Cause normal people can be such useful tools in helping you achieve your goal! And you won't be able to amass your very own minions.

So, it's no surprise that Charisma is an important ingredient on creating your very own brand of villainy. Why can't you enthrall them all while doing very bad, naughty things, right? ;) Besides, it can be fun watching them go running around in circles knowing that you're the mastermind behind all that.

And our dear favourite "Heroes" villain, Sylar *oozes* such charm that we simply cannot resist him. Even when he hasn't gotten his body (and those strong bare biceps... I miss those biceps!) back yet. Plus he's sooooo difficult to ignore, especially when he has a fluffy Pink Bunny in his hands. You'd be so Sy-glamoured, like Matt, that you'd even follow that Pink Bunny down the bloody-red rabbit hole. DRATS!

For a detailed review of the last "Heroes" episode entitled "Ink", check out
Sci-fi Warehouse by @shejon! @shejon and I shared Zach's space together, so do swing by her blog for "Heroes" and other sci-fi goodness!

And for those going to this weekend's
Long Beach Comic Con Convention, our favourite Before the Door guys - Neal Dodson and Corey Moosa will be there with the Archaia folks and Michael McMillian! Michael McMillian will be signing limited edition posters for the comic release "Lucid".

Do email us at with photos and pics if you have met them and want to be featured here in this blog! :D

(screencap by syzzlyn, who is taking Sy-lessons on becoming enchantingly evil)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's All In Your Head!

I thought Sylar was already sexily evil with his emotive eyebrows (BTW, they have a musical band of their own) and disturbingly dispassionate voice. All of that embodied by a tall lean body structure, ready to pounce or finger-flick at the slightest passing diabolical thought.

But after watching last week's "Heroes" 2-hour premiere, I have come to realize that a non-corporeal Sylar living inside one's head can be even scarier! WOW. O_O

That's mind-blowing. Literally.

Even without a body, Sylar creates his own manipulative kind of mental menace for poor Matt Parkman. As a lot of psychological studies tend to propound - what is first thought of is usually followed by an action. Life/ success coaches would also evangelize that you would have to *THINK* about your goals first before you can really achieve them.

In Matt's mind, Sylar "carries" Matt Jr with those covered (*pouts*) biceps of his and gleefully "throws" baby back to horrified poppa. Later, Sylar insults Matt to the point where he angrily hurls a chair towards a suspect in an interrogation room. These nasty antics that Sylar is causing makes me wonder how distressed Matt will be able to handle the stress mentally. All those verbal taunts hurled at Detective Parkman would cause very very bad things to happen, don't you think?

Which makes me all eager to tune in to this coming Monday's "Heroes" episode entitled "Ink".

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if thinking and mentally *focusing* on thoughts like "More bare Sylar biceps please!" or "More of Sylar's shirtless body please!" will propel actions from the writers/ directors/ Zach and cause these to appear on my TV + computer screen. -_^

It just might work if we all think about these collectively. The power of THOUGHT, people. We can DOOOOOO IT!!

And if you are not afraid of spoilers, check out CBR TV's latest video on the "Heroes" Sullivan Bros. Carnival set visit. Don't miss the epic behind-the-scenes moments shared by both my faves (~le sigh~) - Ray Park and Zach!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

These are the Real Questions...

So it's just a few hours before the 2-hour premiere of Heroes Vol 5 "Redemption".

Fans are literally quivering with anticipation... counting down the minutes... Druggies in need of the next super-powered-sexyHeroes fix.

Some are almost tearing their hair in angst, wondering ... "How will Matt deal with knowing the secret concerning Nathan and Sylar?" "Will Peter ever get his full powers back?" "What does Samuel from the carnival got anything to do with anything?" "Will Sylar get his body back???!!"

Ahhh.... Now we are getting somewhere. Especially with that last question. *grin*

Talking about body.... Sylar's in particular... My fellow Sylar fans, admit it, the real questions concerning Season 4 are:

  • Will Sylar be wearing more suits this season? (Boohoo for biceps-appreciators (T_T) )
  • Will we ever see Sylar showing off his biceps in more muscle tees?
  • Will Sylar again trade arm muscle porn moves with Peter Petrelli?
  • Will we catch Sylar doing his infamous but sexy two-finger move again?
  • Will Sylar have more "shiny new toys"?
I can't wait to explicitly document my findings.

So, don't MISS the premiere episode, continue to watch "Heroes" and see if the questions that are close to our hormones.. er... I meant hearts... will finally be answered!

For a flush, you can watch a Heroes S4 preview here:

And, not forgetting.... "CORN NUTS!"

Sign up to Zach's Funny or Die page and vote for the morbidly funny, heart-poundingly sexy "Hostage: The - Outtakes"!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Caffeine and Pro-Zachs

What's your Poison?.... Mine's Coffee. It's been an almost life-long love affair. No coffee, syzzlyn ceases to exist. Brain goes ___________ x_x

So when I see Coffee and Zach, the combined dose of caffeine and Pro-Zach spikes up my heart-rate by 2,000%. It's that stimulating. (Oh.. sshh.. I do not care if all this data is medically unqualified!)

The last time that happened to me was during the Las Vegas Star Trek convention, because Zach barely at 2 hours' sleep the previous night, and he was on a high caffeine diet probably even before the Celebrity Breakfast until his Q&A Panel. Zach sipping from Coffee cup... *THUD*

Here, I see TWO cups of Coffee and Zach, then well, well.... I'm not only all wired-up like a high-powered electric fence, a ZQBiceps Blog post also miraculously appears.

All that adrenaline doesn't quite hinder me from yet again, admiring Zach's wonderful multi-tasking abilities and toned arms. I am beginning to suspect that frequent jaunts to his fave cafe bar Intelligentsia, and carrying all that java helps build up biceps muscles. I knew there must be more healthy uses for Coffee. -_-

In any case, for those who have been to Intelligentsia, what's so special about the coffee there?? syzzlyn wants to know!!!

More pics of Coffee and Pro-Zach at Accidental Sexiness!

PS: "Heroes" Season 4 begins Sep 21st in the USA! Have you seen this behind the scenes video for the new season?? Check it out at NBC's "Heroes" page!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Gettin' Down and Dirrrty

... I swear I heard a lot of ovaries (and/ or insert your preferred noun) exploding worldwide earlier today as these pics of Zach the sexy Mechanic surfaced on the internet.

Simply said, it is sexy when a hunk is doing an activity that'll get him all sweaty and dirty ... and a little greasy.... and he's making good use of his muscular arms, like turning a tyre wrench and changing a tyre. I'm rather impressed that Zach likes to get his own messy manly stuff done. And not standing by the roadside, looking all namby-pamby. o(^.^)b

If I were there, I would have handed him water to drink, wiped beads of perspiration off him and devour the eye candy right in front of me. Just being real... :P Also, I'm useless with cars.

It is really difficult not to admire our bb's beautifully bulging biceps especially when he's in that cute tight "God surfed" tee. In fact, ahem... I'm cutting this short to go ogle again.... hehehe..

Take in more of the arm porn at Accidental Sexiness!

Biceps out! ε≡......(( (^_^)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Power of Invisibility Required!

He was once moping on his couch for weeks wondering if he should quit acting and growing an impressive "Rabbinical beard" (quoting an interview article).. and now... he has grasped the admiration and fantasy of gadzillions of fan-girls (and boys).

That's how it's like when you turn Vulcan. And universally bringing sexy back with da Spock.

It's no surprise then to hear Zach mention that it wouldn't have been fun for him to wander around this year's Comic Con with his mates. (Screaming, crying fangirls.. Ahhhhh! (O_O;) even hearing about them scares me!)

Poor guy. Stuck. In his hotel room. And revealing his biceps for only announced panels, interviews and promo stuff, like the Wired Cafe photoshoot above. A prisoner of fame.

Methinks Zach needs to "go Sylar" and try to hunt Claude Rains down and steal his power of invisibility. But the hunt might take some time. How do you ever find an Invisible Man? Hmm... Any secret mad group of scientists out there who have successfully re-invented "the Hollow Man Experiments"? Oh, oh! Or he could borrow Harry Potter's Cloak of Invisibility!

Check out CBR TV's interview with Zach that was filmed during Comic Con 2009, where he talks about the soon-to-be-released comics "Mr Murder Is Dead" and "Lucid" by his production company, Before the Door and Archaia Comics. Maybe you would have more innovative ideas on how Zach will be able to enjoy future Comic Cons better. (And yes, his biceps were visually delicious in the vid. Plus, I love the shout-out to Mage.. er Mabes!!!):

All these talk on fame and invisibility is making me ponder if I actually want to become internet-famous. I don't think I have the face for it. Besides I've passed the young and sexy age. I'm now just old.. and sexy. heheh. I would love to find actual paying work in the digital medium again though.

I do not know where all these personal brain farts are going but... HEEEYYYY, BICEPS! *points to the top of page* Did you all notice the spankin' new image header?? Pretty, eh?? Do give props to my online friend Lammy for blending the image together!

And.... the out-takes video for "The Hostage" will be available on Tuesday, 15th September! Remember to sign up for Zach's Funny or Die site! He wants you to! For Realsies!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Got Milk????

The question is INVALID.

Especially when it involves payback. Courtesy of a forceful shaking of a Silk soy milk carton by those lovely arms - owned by our previously milked-up Zach. (BTW, still haven't got over *that* one! *slurp*) I don't think anybody can shake a milk carton with such Zexy-mexy frustration and then later, calmly do a suave hair porn move.

Poor Tyler.

Or is it Lucky Tyler. O_o

Fact is, I'm not a fan of milk. Soy or not. But the two TS vids have been making me re-think about my feelings about it now.

That's the power of media (and ZQ) to ya!

Haven't seen the erotically milky Payback Video?? (Geez, where have you been?!?!). Get your tongue ready and CLICK HERE!
(screencap by syzzlyn, who now knows that milk-white is the colour of vengeance)

Rip them off!!

WUT?!!!!?! O_O

But hey.. if you have RIPPED biceps to go with Ripped Jeans, I'm willing to forgive the ZQ fashion faux pas.

And I have yet to even start on the nicely defined and ripped legs (you can't say you *didn't* notice!).. but that might demand another separate blog by itself.

It's a good thing his long-limbed goodness and infectious smile were terribly distracting, else I wish I could fly into LA, sneak into his wardrobe and steal those awful pants so that he will not be able to wear something this ratty again.

Sigh... I can somewhat understand it though. Nice, sunny day out with friends... Time to relax...chill.... I've looked slummy before. That's when I'm feeling too lazy to bother about "putting it together" ;) However, I'm usually quite vain :p Most of the time.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Vulcan Maneuvers

{{{ RAGE }}} A powerful emotion.

It can even compel the supposedly smallest, leanest of folks to command that surge of energy required to release the feeling of (repressed?) aggression.

It's even made more dangerous when you have the know-how to administer the painful Vulcan neck pinch. Not much biceps muscles required for that...

Have to admit that it can get pretty useful when you have lots of enemies though. Or someone really annoying that you want to shut up. Plus, you'd look really graceful doing the maneuver even though you are really, really pissed off. Like Spock.

Beats hitting someone clumsily over the head any time.

Have you had the strong urge to use the Vulcan neck pinch on someone lately?? Feel free to vent in the comments section ....

Friday, September 4, 2009

Multi-task It!

Zach multi-tasks like no man can.

I usually know of guys who can only concentrate on one thing at a time. I see that alot in my office... -_-

In "The Hostage", Zach demonstrates how effective multi-tasking can be done... while holding a gun to someone's head *and* a real live baby....and yelling heart-felt curses. Impressive.

Biceps muscles mandatory as well.

So while you are busy trying to achieve the Zach-level of multi-tasking, DO NOT FORGET to tune in to the Behind the Scenes footage video to be released by Before the Door/ ZQ mid of next week!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gloriously F**#&@!!-ed Up

An epic video with Zach in it requires a blog post. With or without bare arms. (The biceps can wait.)

You only need a gun, a dark sense of humour, LOTS of swearing, an ironic love story and a tragic ending. Oops.

You F@!!^(#!@@ Hear THAT? WATCH IT!!

Else I'll shoot!

PS: If you love the vid, pls send all foul-swearing love to Zach and Before the Door....
(screencap by oldfilmsflicker)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Leaning Sideways

I apologize for another grey muscle tee post. But I doubt I'd be hearing that many complaints! :p

A tight tee just helps to reinforce the visual point on how useful it is to have flexy ZQ-like biceps if you are ever asked to sprawl sideways. On a cold slab no less.

Start practising now, folks... Feel free to use the pic as reference.

On a side note, look out for Zachary's and Before the Door's latest production, a movie short entitled "The Hostage (A Love Story)", which premieres on Wednesday!

LATEST: Join Zach's Funny or Die channel now and get ready for Wednesday!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Flex 'em!!

When you are this pretty and have muscley ripped arms, you can pose on roof tops wearing a boring grey muscle tee with any strange steel-like props ... and STILL look good.

This pic reminds me of my fave yoga instructors. A couple of them are all lean, muscley and sinewy .. and cute like Zach. I was willing to undergo yoga-torture by them - like last Saturday's 1 hour of very pretzely-twisty, arm-balancing session. I have the sore aching biceps to prove it :p

Workin' it ~syzzlyn

Sunday, August 30, 2009

For Business Purposes...

Strong muscley biceps are all well and good for ... well.. Strong Stuff.

But when it comes to real business, like investigation and the like... they are also useful for flipping name cards or pieces of paper.

Real men with tough biceps - like ZQ - know how to turn on the gentle too.

Even when they are wearing a distractingly swoonworthy grey muscle-tee.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Useful during Times of Passion

Guys, take note.

Strong muscley biceps are useful as much needed support during times of hot, loving passion.

Zach shows you how. (Pls refer to pic.)

Arcades Games Have Never Looked Sexier

It's time for a re-visualization of how guys in arcades look like.

Zach has done it again.

He has mind-swiped us.

Playing arcade games have now never looked any sexier! Not when Zach has shown us how to do it with those biceps of his!

The Inaugural ZQ Biceps Pic

We are forever grateful to @jhummrich for taking this pic at this year's Comic Con Heroes Panel!

Do take time to pause...
And appreciate... ;)

Welcome Post

Welcome to the new ZQ blog...dedicated to his...



We welcome those who regularly swoon over his beautifully formed arms.