Saturday, August 16, 2014

Project ALS' Ice Bucket Challenge: Matt Bomer's Biceps Nominate Zachary Quinto's Biceps!

An Ice Bucket Challenge has been catching the social networks' attention by storm for the last few weeks! And the one who benefit most from it recently was The ALS Association, an organization that encourages research initiatives, promotes best patient care and raises awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

The stunt did not start out as just for the ALS Association. Some say it originated from low-key charity drives by PGA golfers. And there's another story that this particular viral campaign initiated from University of Arizona women's basketball coach Niya Butts who was hoping to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.

Currently, with thousands of ordinary people, entrepreneurs, top business executives, sports teams and even, high-profile celebrities taking up the Ice Bucket Challenge, the ALS Association has so far received about USD 4 million, which was far more than the USD 1 million raised at the same time last year!

The ALS Associations' press release on the Ice Bucket Challenge right here!

One of the latest celebrity biceps to accept the fun challenge is actor Matt Bomer ("White Collar", "The Normal Heart").

Check out Matt Bomer doing the Ice Bucket Challenge with his cute boys!

On Twitter, Matt Bomer, who is also a Carnegie Mellon University alumni like our fave bb Zachary Quinto has nominated three more people to perform the challenge - Mark Ruffalo, and Joe Manganiello ......... wait for it..... Zach Quinto!

Will Zach's biceps prep, flex up and take up the Ice Bucket Challenge for Project ALS?!

Zach, say yes, please??? :D

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