Friday, July 11, 2014

Zachary Quinto To Be At Comic-Con 2014 With Starz's "The Chair"

Starz announced earlier this year that it was picking up its first unscripted reality 10-episode series "The Chair", which is slated for a release in Fall 2014. And best still, they are bringing a slice of the series to fans at San Diego Comic-Con just about 2 weeks from now!

Said to be making appearances at the panel held at the Mariott on Fri 25 July are Chris Moore, Shane Dawson, Anna Martemucci and.... gulp! Zachary Quinto!

I happened to spot the news on Twitter in my very busy timeline, because I was following Emmy-nominated writer Erik Patterson. This was the tweet "The Chair" PR originally posted:

By the time the news was relayed to my fave frenemy, Sara, we were both squeeing with glee. It has been 3 years since Zachary Quinto's biceps have been seen in Comic-Con. His last appearance there was in 2011, and sadly, that happened to be the year that I was unable to make it there because I was looking for a job.

Later, one of the panel guests, Anna Martemucci also confirmed the Comic-Con news....

... with a most hilarious comment by partner, Victor Quinaz.

Now that is a sight worth seeing!

So, what is this series "The Chair" about? The shot-in Pittsburg reality show by producer Chris Moore ("Good Will Hunting", "The Adjustment Bureau"), will pitch two fledgling directors against each other in their bid to bring their first feature film to screen. The contestants - Shawn Dawson and Anna Martemucci - will each be given the same screenplay and budget to bring their own creation to a theatrical release.

"The Chair" will document the processes that these contestants will go through - for example, the planning, crafting, casting and marketing activities - in their endeavour to win the prize of USD250,000. Both of the films will be released and then the audience will have a hand in determining which director would be the winner through multiplatform voting.

One of the directors, Shane Dawson, has already made his name as an internet star. His YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers! No mean feat indeed. He first started putting up his videos in 2005 and has been producing daily shows since.

The other - the lovely Anna Martemucci - is a name familiar to many Zachary Quinto fans. She is the creative partner of Zach's good friend, Victor Quinaz. Both are founders of a collection of quirky short comedy films called "PERIODS". Anna has also appeared in these shorts, as well as the indie comedy film "Breakup at a Wedding", which was directed by Victor Quinaz and written by Anna.

(Anna has done a Q&A together with Victor for the ZQBiceps blog previously. Check it out here!)

In "The Chair", both Shane and Anna will develop the screenplay "How Soon Is Now" (written by Dan Schoffer and produced by Josh Shader) about a group of college freshmen on their first homecoming during Thanskgiving weekend.

Shawn's movie is entitled "Not Cool" (hashtag: #shanedawsonmovie) while Anna's adaptation is called "Hollidaysburg" (hashtag: #hollidaysburg).

Check out the trailer for "Not Cool":

The trailer for "Hollidaysburg" will be released on 14 July and I will add that in once it's out!

Together with Chris Moore and the screenplay's producer Josh Shader, Before The Door partners - Zachary Quinto, Neal Dodson, Corey Moosa and Sean Akers - will be making appearances in the series dispensing advice as mentors to Shawn and Anna.

Even before the official Comic-Con schedule is out, production companies have been putting out their own press releases about their panels and appearances. Friday was a day chockful of TV show and movie panels. Not surprisingly, the panels were all over the place and clashing with each other in terms of timing and venue.

People already making plans for Hall H, Ballroom 20 and Room 6's on Friday, please *do* continue with your plans. ;) That might actually leave some room for hardcore ZQ fans to be at the Mariott Hall 1 & 2.

Although, I am still not sure if I will be able to attend "The Chair"'s panel. It will depend on my other press opportunities and commitments which are still to be confirmed. I do wish I could clone myself and be at two places at the same time though :(

Whether I will be at the panel or not, Sara and I are still keeping our fingers (and toes... and eyes) crossed, that perhaps, Zach and "The Chair" guests - or a few of them at least - may agree to do a panel at another alternative time at Nerd HQ. That would give more fans another chance to check out those Zachary Quinto biceps in person, and to see what this new reality series on Starz is all about!

And if you are unable to be at San Diego at all, perhaps you could get a chance to interact with Zachary Quinto digitally.

Geeknation site will be filming a Q&A with Zach tomorrow (Friday 11 July)! You can tweet them your questions by following the instructions below:

Who knows? Your question might end up being answered by Zach! Good luck!


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