Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Spattering of Updates

This week has been chockful of "Margin Call" updates. Much to the delight of us fans!

For those who are still unaware, "Margin Call" is an indie movie about eight people during a tumultuous 24-hour period just prior to the 2008 Wall Street financial meltdown. It is Before the Door's first film production!

Zachary Quinto, who also stars in the movie, has been giving us pretty constant updates on Twitter and Facebook. And when I say pretty, I *do* mean pretty :D

Just look at the pic above. Zach's own self-portrait pic on the "Margin Call" set  in a suit with a night reflection of the Empire State Building. Srsly! Those pretty biceps in a suit! It is pretty as pretty does!

Not only were there twitter updates, Zach also offered us a glowing FB update on the first week of filming: "week one down. cast is truly phenomenal. director and crew working amazingly hard. we're very proud."

Then webmaster Sean Akers also spoilt us with an update tweet: "Day 5 of Margin Call shoot in NYC. Going well. Spacey is genius. Bettany has a killer wit. Demi rocks. Shooting overnight. I love it.

The other BFD boyz also gave their fair share of updates. Neal Dodson hinted that they were filming somewhere in a skyscraper, by tweeting this pic (on right) and saying: "42nd floor. Thank you Bloomberg."

Soon after, I received a surprise DM from the hopefully still-bearded one - Corey Moosa.

There was also an interesting article on "Margin Call" cast member Kevin Spacey visiting Citigroup's offices in Lower Manhattan to research on his role as an investments trader. The other cast members also later toured the Wall Street trading floor. What I'd do to have that opportunity! (Source: The New York Times online)

With so many "Margin Call" updates floating around the interwebs, one can't help feeling excited about the movie's release! I really hope that the indie film gets distributed in the theatres on our little sunny island. *keeps fingers and toes crossed*

And.. wait.. there's more!!!! BFD collaborator and regular tweeter Lance Mazmanian has finally posted an update on his website. He offered more snippets in his usual manner of what he can or cannot say. Read it here. And decipher it as you will ;)

Note to Indy fans - you would love Lance's transcript of the Q&A with Executive Producer Howard Kazanjian at a special "Raiders of the Lost Ark" screening held by Arclight Pasadena and Paramount Studios. Click here for the transcript. There are lots of stories, history and tidbits mentioned. The rather blurry video of the Q&A session can be found in Arclight's Facebook page.

It has been a month and a half since "Heroes" has been cancelled, and as more time passes, the notion that the special mini-series will happen seems slimmer and slimmer. "Heroes" creator Tim Kring still remains optimistic, however.

Thanks to House Petrelli, Tim Kring sends an open letter to "Heroes" fans out there and urges them to continue 'doing good', with a special mention to sanctioned Zachary Quinto fan group, SArmy. Click here for the letter.

He also promotes Conspiracy For Good - his latest online interactive and alternative reality game with an innovative way of story-telling. The game uses Nokia's Ovi platform. (Nokia's official press release here.) Go check it out!

Tim Kring will be a guest at this year's Comic Con. He mentioned that he will be talking about Conspiracy For Good as well as a book he will be releasing this summer. (Source: Don't everyone go and give him a hard time now, you hear? :p

21 more days to Comic Con! AHHHHH!!! A slew of panels have recently been announced and we are already making our ardent fan-girly plans. Bleary 5 am campouts here we go!! :D

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  1. Another lovely update! I am delighted at all these wonder little tidbits from the "Margin Call" set from the guys. Zach's 'wake-up' Tweets are especially fun to read (and sometimes de-crypt).

    I hope that someone somewhere is archiving these things- I'd love to see a little 'making-of' slide-show of Zach's photos (and anyone else's) when the movie is wrapped. I might have to take that job myself.

    I am wondering what music will be used for the movie- will there be an original soundtrack, or will there be selections of music from around that time? Yes, that does interest me. I might FB ZQ and ask him that, since he's producing it.