Thursday, July 8, 2010

Metallic Elements Added ... Biceps Included

Does Zachary Quinto secretly know about this blog specially dedicated to his very nom-nom-nom-y biceps???

Coz seriously folks, this is twice within the span of a few days that he's shown off those squeezable arms of his in revealing sleeveless tops. This time, they were having lunch and snugly accompanied by a body-skimming turquoise tee. (Source:

I sit transfixed, staring at the vision on my computer screen. It's a nice way to get my eyes massaged :D In my line of work where you look at figures all day, it's nice to look at OTHER kind of figures *g*

I wish I could have a closer look at the biceps of the other Before The Door dudes because I am certain they have been working very hard and long these days while filming "Margin Call" in NYC. Plus they have managed to "iron out" and ink in a deal to cast another awesome GQMF and Oscar-winning actor for the movie! (Source:

He is no other than the esteemed Jeremy Irons! I could always remember when I first caught sight of him as a preppy Charles in that British TV series "Brideshead Revisited" back in the early 80's. *gasp* Has it been that long.....!!?

The first BFD film production must be putting Zachary Quinto in a hyper happy mood for he has been constantly giving us very interesting Twitter updates. Over the 4th of July festive weekend, Zach showed us a pic of the impressive celebratory fireworks from the 42nd floor of a particular NYC building! Click here for pic.

He also rounded up some of the "Margin Call" cast members to show off their gams. (Original pic link: Click here) I really really hope Demi Moore is indeed the one wearing the high heel shoes. For a moment there, I had a flashback of David Duchovny in "Twin Peaks". (Don't ask... )

And.... ladies and gentlemen... it is now officially TWO WEEKS more to SDCC!!! To whet our geeky appetites and get ready for more of Archaia-Before The Door's comic releases, here are some previously unreleased videos by Comic Book Resources.

Chillin' out on a yacht, Zachary Quinto takes over the mic and interviews "LUCID" writer Michael McMillian and "MR. MURDER IS DEAD" writer Victor Quinaz in this CBR TV vid:

And thanks to a heads up by Archaia's Mel Caylo, here's an awesome and exclusive six-page preview of "LUCID" #1 and interview with Michael McMillian on! Don't miss this --CLICK HERE!

Now, doesn't that make you feel like grabbing that comic as soon as it is released?

As an ending note, I had an explosive nerdgasm at this piece of SDCC rumour. If this is true, I hope I will survive the epic experience to blog it for you!

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