Thursday, July 8, 2010

Comic-ly Awesome!

All Hail to Archaia!

With the press release of Archaia's five panels at this year's San Diego Comic Con, supersonic ripples of waves pulsated through the interwebs a few hours ago! (BTW, that was caused by thousands of ovaries - and erm.. other parts.. - exploding.. if you must know.)

THE Reason??? Let me give you a hint -- Zachary Quinto's Twitter location has now changed from "ny ny" to "ny ny la ca".

Yep, you guessed it!!! Our favourite bb Zach, together with the handsome Before The Door boyz and Michael McMillian will be present at Archaia's panel to promote the "LUCID" comic!! Pardon me while I Squeeeee with utter excitement!

Ahhh! Zach in my eyes! Not to mention those muscley biceps (including those of the BFD Boyz) in person for a possible second time round! Will this actually come true??

Let's see how this adventure will turn out in two week's time!

Meanwhile, don't miss Archaia's interesting panels listed in their press release. I wish I would be able to attend their Black Label panel but looking at the SDCC schedule released so far, it seems I may be stuck in Ballroom 20 the entire Thursday!

However, I hope to still visit Archaia's booth some time during the convention and I aim to grab copies of "LUCID" and this very interesting new Black Label release entitled "SYNDROME".

"SYNDROME" - written by R.J. Ryan/ Daniel Quantz and illustrated by artist David Marquez spins a tale more suited to the more matured adult readers. The main thrust of the story is the question about Evil and what it is and what it means. I feel a chill and thrill run down my spine when I read the premise of this graphic novel. This topic runs closest to my wicked little bones :D

For those who are going to SDCC and know what I look like or curious to get to know me, feel free to come up to me and say hi! :D I'd love to meet you too! Be warned though --- I'm kinda evil ;)

PS: Loyd_ZQC posted that overseas folks are able to pre-order "LUCID" from They also ship items overseas!

Photo credit: @eserei27 - taken at Comic Con 2009

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  1. @syzzlyn: thanks for the mention. tfaw was pointed to be by another Brazilian at zqc: mari. have fun at sdcc!!!