Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lucidly Intriguing and Luxuriously Beardless

Do you love stories based in the fantasy realm and magic? Do you have a not-so-secret thing for mages? (Confession: I still have a crush on dark mage Raistlin Majere.)

Or do you simply love beautifully drawn comics with captivating storylines?

If yes to any of the above, then you should check out the first Before The Door and Archaia Comics collaboration - a comic series entitled "LUCID" written by HBO's popular TV series "True Blood" star Michael McMillian with illustrations by young Polish-based artist Anna Wieszczyk.

I have to admit - I am not an avid comic fan or collector. It is not that I do not like comics. Since I was a young child, I've mainly prioritized my time and yearnings towards books. Books are my soul's refuge.

When I had a lot of time in my hands (that was pre- my current very busy, long-commuting job), my brain dwelled frequently in the world of fantasy books. I love Terry Brooks (my favourite!), RA Salvatore, Margaret Weis/ Tracy Hickman and J.R.R. Tolkien. When reading their books, I always envisioned their world with multi-coloured, imaginative landscapes, consisting of all kinds of beautifully-dangerous creatures (humanoids or not). And I took in the intricate genealogies, backstories and plot lines with much relish.

Back to comics, I highly appreciate the art involved in it. I admire comic artists for their talent, and some comic titles do attract my attention. I got particularly interested in Frank Miller when I learn of him through the "Sin City" and "300" movies. Comics with twisted and dark evil machinations intrigue me more than just the usual suspects (i.e. the spandexed super-heroes ;) ).

With "LUCID", my interest in the comic grew progressively as more news about the project was released within the last year. "LUCID" is about Matthew Dee and his adventures as a Combat Mage and "Protector of the Realm". The magic-wielding secret agent battles various opposing forces in an alternate universe. You can't say you are surprised that the main premise was what caught my initial interest! ;)

In a conference call with some journalists and SArmy mod, Mabes, Michael McMillian states one reason why "LUCID" is different from other stories relating to magic. "I think the difference, even on an immediate level with something like Harry Potter, the characters are older, it’s not a world where centaurs and trolls and elves exist. So we’re dealing with human people with magic abilities. And there are paranormal creatures of sorts but they’re sort of presented in a somewhat different light, and a somewhat less literal light than a lot of fantasy that’s come before." (Source: Newsorama)

The sample release of newcomer Anna Wieszczyk's drawings for the comic was also what got me very interested. I fell in love with Anna's visual depictions from the sneak previews, especially her use of angles and shadows. She also seems to draw strong influences from Japanese-styled anime.

So it was with much excitement that I received news of the final cover art for "LUCID" #1 (see pic at top of page) a few days ago. Loved it!! You can read more from Archaia's official press release.

"LUCID" #1 (Diamond Order Code JUN10 0745) debuts in your favourite comic stores in August 2010 (in USA), but is now available for pre-ordering. There may be copies specially available during this year's Comic Con but I do not have the details yet. When I do, you'd hear of it!

Just in case you missed my previous blog, there will be a Before The Door/ Archaia panel at Comic Con, on Friday July 23rd at 4.30pm (Venue: TBC). Michael McMillian and representatives from BFD will be there to promote the comic. It is still unsure if our fave bb, Zachary Quinto and his biceps will attend.

A group of us will definitely be there at the panel! We cannot miss Corey Moosa doing jumping jacks! You promised us right, Corey? ;)

BTW, Corey is now spotting a newly shaven (and much younger!) look. At ZQC, he shared a pic of himself "Margin Calling" through a night of filming.

I don't care what you all might say, but I mourn deeply for the loss of the luxurious beard. Will @CoreyMooszBeard be reincarnated before Comic Con? (Oh @CoreyMooszBeard... I didn't even had the chance to say goodbye!! *tear rolls down one cheek*)

I personally hope so!!


  1. omg, you crush on Raistlin Majere? One of my favorite wizards ever?! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!

    LUCID seems really intriguing, and I can't wait to get my copy. *crosses fingers for advanced copies at Comic Con*

  2. Only wish the hero of Lucid had dark hair and "significant" eyebrows ... ;-D

    I always liked Raistlin too ... probably the same reason many of us like Sylar.

    I really hope to get to NYC to see Zach in "Angels in America."

    I tried to find his posting at ZQC but failed. Might you provide a link, perhaps..?

    Meanwhile, that pic of Moosa-Moosa [above] looks like, "Mannn, I miss my beard ..."

    I hope you have LOADS of fun at ComiCon !!!!

  3. Damn... we have so much in common with the Raistlin thing! LOL

    MJ -- which link are you referring to and which ZQ msg are you looking for specifically? :)

    We'll try our best to get interesting pics/ stuff from SDCC. And I'll definitely be blogging!

  4. 'Corey is now spotting a newly shaven (and much younger!) look. At ZQC, he shared a pic of himself "Margin Calling" through a night of filming.'

    Or was that the pic you posted?

    [I must have misunderstood the ZQ msg thing ... I guess Corey Moosa posted on there?]

  5. Yes.. :) Corey posted his pic on ZQC.. it's the one I posted.

    But from what @CoreyMooszBeard seems to indicate.. I think it's growing back :D

    BTW.. overseas folks, Loyd_ZQC gave this link where you can pre-order for "LUCID" and they ship overseas too: