Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Quick Few Lucid Words

"True Blood" fans are already familiar with Michael McMillian's role as the nefarious Reverend Steve Newlin. However, some fans may not be aware that Michael McMillian is huge comic book lover and has flexed his biceps writing his first graphic novel "LUCID" - a collaboration between Archaia and Before The Door.

I managed to catch Michael for a quick interview before "LUCID" premieres at this year's San Diego Comic Con and his appearance at the Archaia/Before The Door panel on Friday, 23 July, 4.30-5.30pm (Room 25ABC).

Here it is:

Now that Lucid is being released, give us five words that are running through your mind now.

MICHAEL MCMILLIAN: Dreams. Can. Come. True. Robots.

Tell us more on how you collaborate your story ideas with Anna Wieszczyk for her to come up with the appropriate illustrations?

MCMILLIAN: All of our interactions have been through email, and most through our editor, Mr. Paul Morrissey (no relation). I worry that Anna has been cursing me under her breath before bed at night because I have a very specific image in my head for each character, down to the haircuts, and I request numerous versions of sketches and options before we finalize the artwork for each issue. I try to make my scripts as descriptive as possible, but at the same time I definitely want her to interpret. She has such a wonderful style and her work began to influence my writing almost immediately. By the time I got to scripting issues 3 and 4, I was crafting scenarios that I thought she would really enjoy drawing.

What do you love best about conventions like these?

MCMILLIAN: The people-watching is always amazing. I love the costumes, with the exception of one recent trend: The Joker dressed as a nurse from Dark Knight. It’s just wrong. Go with the Elvis Stormtrooper instead.

So how much to you love geek girls?

MCMILLIAN: Is there a limit?

Pls send out a short message to the fans out there.

MCMILLIAN: I can’t wait to see you guys at the Archaia panel on Friday at Comic-Con! Thanks for your support for the book. I promise LUCID will be a worthy addition to Sylar's Army!

We can't wait to meet you too Michael! And to hopefully personally congratulate you for the success of the "LUCID" release!
There is also a great review of "LUCID" by Broken Frontier. CLICK HERE.

SDCC is now only 2 days away!!

ZQ/ Heroes fans who are interested the tweetup, due to the cancellation of the Pizzaman movie panel, the venue has reverted back to our original meeting point. The details are:

Meeting Point: Grand Staircase, between sections C and D at the convention centre
Date: 24th July, Sat
Time: 7.30pm and another meet time at 9pm (for those attending Mythbusters and other later panels)

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Can I do an extra squeal for
    A. His unlimited love of geek girls and
    B. He mentioned Sylar's Army.

    Great interview!