Sunday, July 11, 2010

All Wrapped Up!

This week has been full of chatty news from some of the "Margin Call" stars and the Before The Door production team! We were so spoilt on Twitter!

After the news that Jeremy Irons had joined the cast, we received word that there was a scene where his character and that of Kevin Spacey's went "head to head". The entire cast was in the same room. OOOoooh. Intense!

Sean Akers also tweeted: "Jeremy Irons. Very nice guy. So impressive. It is like riding in the elevator with royalty. Watching him rehearse the next scene."

He also later told us "President Roslin" (aka Mary McDonell) later visited the set and a bunch of us BSG geeks sighed enviously. Although, I am still wondering what Sean finally did with those curtains from Demi Moore's dressing room... hmm...

During the shoot of her last scene, the stunning Demi Moore also tried to convince charming co-star Simon Baker to get on Twitter. I'm not sure he will but it's worth a try, no? Click Here for Pic.

And then, we finally heard it. Thanks to the now-luxuriantly-bearded-again Corey Moosa, a special recording could be heard of the elusive "Margin Call". They sound like my purple furry minions from the Lair of Evil. Maybe, they ARE my purple furry minions. Hmmmmm... -_-

On Saturday, with a last look at the "42nd floor", it was going to be a wrap for "Peter" - the character Zachary Quinto supposedly plays in the movie. Most of the cast members like Jeremy Irons, Aasif Mandvi, Simon Baker and Demi Moore have already left NYC by then.

Not unexpectedly, Zach seemed elated about the wrap and yet there were bittersweet musings about these goodbyes, with a pic specially brought to you by K-Mart. (see pic above) And on early Sunday, the filming for Before The Door's first feature film ended, with a poignant but lovely pic taken by Zach.

I can't help feeling so proud and happy for these guys. It was interesting watching their journey unfold for "Margin Call". And I wish them all the best for this movie release!

This is not the only thing that has been wrapped up this week though. When Friday's schedule for SDCC was announced, we saw that Zachary Quinto will be wrapped up in TWO PANELS ON THE SAME DAY. Can we even handle such Zach-ness??!!

I think there should now be a commemorative t-shirt for "I did Zachary Quinto twice in one day."

Not only will Zach be at the Archaia-Before The Door panel promoting the release of the "LUCID" comic with writer Michael McMillian, he will also be with Tim Kring for the "SHIFT-ing Gears" panel. Tim will be promoting his new book "Shift" and his other multi-media projects. Now, I wonder if he is ready for those "HEROES!! WHYYY!???!" questions wailed and hurled at him.

And yes, I will try my very best to be hitting on Za.. er.. I mean, both panels on the same day. Thanks to @lindsaysfnm from ZQC (aka SantaFeFan), you will get to see more live tweets from me. Although I will not be able to send digital pics.

My other friends will however, do the honours of covering that as well as several other panels. (You can check their Twitter feed out from my previous post!)

But before Comic Con happens, those who are in LA - DO NOT miss Chris Dallman's live gig at The Hotel Cafe, 19th July at 8pm! Something magical might happen!

Don't go away. Another VERY SPECIAL blog post is coming up reaaaalllllll soon...... and hopefully, with more to come in the coming weeks!


  1. I'm sure that ZQ and company are going to get some well-earned sleep before doing the hard work of editing and scoring "Margin Call". I am very happy that Zach is going to be wrapping up "Heroes" with the Kring interview, and kicking off the publishing arm of BtD with the "Lucid" panel. That is my only regret about SDCC- I'd attend that panel whether or not ZQ was there. Unfortunately, I cannot deal with large crowds.

    I hope you'll do us proud and get lots of photos and get some great posts in. And I am glad that Lindsay has solved your twitter problem. Bring a camera & netbook- upload later.

  2. Thanks for these updates that consolidate all the amazing things happening in Zach's life right now. Now, at least, we know why Sean posted that we shouldn't worry about him keeping busy even though Heroes ended. At this point, not sure how he would've fitted it in, as much as I loved that show and his role.