Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Days

The first day of school. The first day at work. The first day at a new home.

First days can be terribly exciting... and yet daunting at the same time. First days usually bring with them a wave of changes to one's life experiences.

And so it was, on the First Day of filming in NYC on June 21st for the Before The Door-produced indie movie "Margin Call" that Zachary Quinto tweeted he was too excited to even sleep.

The set call started real early at 5 am and when the first shot began, Zach sent us all a cute pic of himself sitting on a stoop with that much-needed cup of coffee. (Although, I was really distracted by those biceps...yep, I can't help it. :D )

Some busy bee later sent me a buzz that filming that day had gone really well and the first shot was "beautiful".

One can't be more proud of the BFD boys for being tenacious and savvy to pull off a tough feat like this and getting this indie film together. They are a combined force to be watched... and I believe there are more marvellous things to come. I wish them for more wonderful and successful filming days!!

Now, this isn't the First Time nor the First Day we've seen Zachary Quinto's bare and gorgeous arm muscles, but it sure feels like the First Day every time I see those biceps! *g*

We were recently visually massaged by candids of Zach casually biking around NYC last weekend. I was staring at those lovely biceps for a long time. *g* Here is just an example.

More candids can be found at Zach-Quinto.net!

Coincidentally, Zach's "Star Trek" 2009 colleague, John Cho also kicked off the First Day of filming with pal, Kal Penn for their next comedy movie "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas". Fans have anticipated the return of duo Harold & Kumar for some time!

The movie films in Michigan and some pics from the set at the mall has appeared online. Click here for a peek! (Source: Firstshowing.net)

Also a First in many counts - I last blogged that the "Pizza Man" movie's will be holding a panel during SDCC and it will be moderated by "Heroes" star Jack Coleman. More details have been announced since then on the "Pizza Man" movie website! Here are the deets:

Date: July 24th, Saturday
Time: 8pm
Room: 6DE

Due to this special panel, our ZQ/ Heroes fans tweetup will kick off from this "Pizza Man" panel and we will all meet at the panel instead! Many of us will most probably be camping at the queue! ;) So come and join in the fun!

With so much exciting stuff going on, I am definitely looking forward to my First Day at this year's SDCC! Some of us have tickets for Preview Night and I can't wait to see some of the booths! I am sure the First Day there will kick off a gamut of experiences which I will remember for a long time to come!

29 Days to SDCC!!! W000t!!!! :D


  1. It HAS been a great month or so for the ST, Heroes cast and crew (Wendilynn getting a gig at the new Criminal Minds spinoff is fantastic too!).

    Can't imagine what it took, the savvy, the networking, talent and smarts for a group like Before The Door to get all this together, with a cast like that. Thanks for keeping us up on the news.

    (And yeah, can I mention I like those gazelle legs of his too? *laugh)

  2. Being a Zach fan gets more exciting everyday!

    And can I also say that I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to meet you at CC!!!

  3. Zach's muscles are so-o beautifully defined. If he isn't in People Magazine's '50 Most Beautiful Bodies,' they messed up big-time. He's a brave soul, riding a bike on the streets of NYC--though lots more people are doing it now.

    No wonder Zach was too excited to sleep on the first day: Spacey, Tucci, Bettany--what a thrill for BtD to get such a stellar cast for "Margin Call." I hope the movie gets superb reviews and does fantastic business! I know I can't wait to see it...!

  4. oops should have said "before his first day."