Saturday, June 19, 2010

Indie The Way To Go?

Have you noticed that in recent years, some choice indie films have gained a lot of ground in terms of popularity compared to the big-studios so-called "blockbuster hits"??  

I am quite an ardent fan of the indie film, as the big-studio screen-splashes seem to use a set formula that one can expect before even stepping into the cinema. I still do enjoy some big-studio offerings - like Iron Man or the Harry Potter  films. However, good indie films tend to reach my inner-soul deeper, with topics which are more personal and realistic. Or the storylines are just plain quirky; or are an utterly disturbing but pleasurable mindwarp. Added to this mix are often charming performances by well-known as well as lesser-known or unknown actors, where they seem free-er to be more "out-of-the-box".  And I'm Sold. :)

Some of my favourite indie movies are:
- Juno
- Little Miss Sunshine
- Memento
- Requiem of a Dream
- Run Lola Run
- Being John Malkovich
- Before Sunrise
- Before Sunset
- District 9
- 500 Days of Summer (This was the latest one I watched ... love, love, loved this!)

With the first Before The Door-produced indie movie "Margin Call", the excitement grows as the latest casting news was just announced a few hours ago! Long-legged sexy Demi Moore is set to join the movie's cast together with a previously announced group of big-name actors - Kevin Spacey, Stanley Tucci, Paul Bettany, Simon Baker, Penn Badgley and our bb, Zachary Quinto himself.  The movie is going to start filming in NYC soon. (Source:

Another piece of SDCC-related news brought some tingly shivers in the "Heroes"-related Twitter-world. The freshly-Twittered news revealed that the sometimes-menacing HRG from "Heroes" aka Jack Coleman will be moderating the panel for the "Pizza Man" movie! I can't wait to check out those strong biceps of JC... hopefully *up-close*. (Besides, we have an important mission to carry out on behalf of ardent JC-fan @dref22!)

The "Pizza Man" movie - also an indie offering - is a science-fiction superhero feature. The movie is directed by Joe Eckart and produced by Foz McDermott - another "Heroes" persona, infamously known as TheMightyFoz. The cast includes Frankie Muniz, "Diamond" Dallas Page, Shelley Long, Michael Gross, Corbin Bernsen and other "Heroes" favourites - David H. Lawrence, Leonard Roberts and Noah Gray-Cabey!! This movie marks Frankie Muniz's return to acting after a five-year break! (For those who are not in the know, Frankie is well-known for his role in the FOX sitcom "Malcom in the Middle".)

Comic Book Resources has a wonderful article from the "Pizza Man" film set - CLICK HERE

For more information on "Pizza Man", follow the movie's Twitter feed or @TheMightyFoz on his Twitter!

The "Pizza Man" SDCC panel will be held on Saturday, 24th Jul. Time/ Venue TBC.

With such news coming on board this weekend, things are getting to be terribly exciting for SDCC! I can't wait!


  1. Everything in this blog post is making me squee with delight!

  2. eserei.... SDCC COUNTDOWN!!!!!

  3. And let's not forget another wonderful SF indie film:

    M O O O O O N !!!!!


  4. Companies like Zach's Before the Door, and Lance Mazmanian's company are definitely something to watch- as well as invest in, if you have the means. They are leading the way to the second century of film-production, and letting us have unprecedented access through the web.

    I see big things for both of them.

  5. Great blog post!
    And I'm looking forward to the film!

  6. MJ.. I haven't watched "Moon" yet. It's on my to-watch list!!