Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday, Zach!!

Let's all wave our biceps and hands, or blow kisses, if you may, to the handsome birthday boy, Zachary Quinto!

Based on his latest pics-tweets yesterday, bb is still in NYC.

I hope he has a fun and happy birthday time with his friends and family!

If you want to leave him some greetings, there is a Zach birthday tumblr going on here!! Go drop a message there!

BTW, have you seen this really cool Star Trek USS Enterprise bridge cake? CLICK HERE for the short article. See Spock there? Too cute, ain't it!

If you are hungry about some "Heroes" news despite it's cancellation, apparently negotiations are still going up concerning the "TV movie-style" wrap-up for the series, which should appease the die-hard fans out there to a certain degree.

Tim King has this to say about the wrap-up on TV Guess the fat lady could probably still whistle?


  1. Yay! Happy Birthday Zach! Gives me an excuse to celebrate tomorrow :)