Saturday, June 12, 2010

Remember The Time...

(sings) Do you remember..... when we ...

*ahem* Pardon me for the Michael Jackson interlude there. As this year's San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) draws nearer, I have been reminiscing a bit lately on my previous convention-partying days. Lots of Good Times - with Fabulous Peeps. :D I will not regret any of the time and money spent for those very memorable adventures.

While having retro-thoughts, I am certain there are times when one remembers embarassing moments - especially those involving what-you-used-to-think-was-cool hairstyles or clothes.

So, here's a vid clip of something that Zachary Quinto made wayyyyy back then. Those famous eyebrows were absolutely wild-crazy but he was so cute gesturing those animated expressions with his lanky biceps and clad in those short shorts. haha.

Enjoy retro-ZQ here ("Code Blue" - a video game):

Flash forward to the present and Zach has definitely learnt lots more about the power of deft man-scaping. And his current style has also become more dashingly dapper, especially evident at high-brow events, like the CDFA shindig that he recently attended with friend and designer Simon Spurr. Just check out the fashionably handsome red carpet pic of Zach right at the top of this page!

There have been fan-murmurings as to what that new-style neckwear both Zach and Simon wore should be called. Neither of them has a name for it yet... so any smart suggestions might prove helpful. ;)

Amongst those things new in the Quinto-world was the disclosure of initial casting news for Tom Kushner's Pulitzer Prize-winning play "Angels in America" . Apparently, word got out that Zach would be cast as Louis Ironson and Billy Porter as Belize.  The play, produced by the Signature Theatre Company, will run from Sep 14 through Dec 19 on Broadway. (Source: The New York Times)

The next spankingly new news is concerning the comic book release of "Lucid" written by HBO's "True Blood" star, Michael McMillian. The fantasy comic is a joint production by Before the Door and Archaia Comics. Our SArmy/ZArmy mod, Mabes had the chance to attend a special conference call and she has conscientiously transcribed the details for us. Click here to read the transcript!

The transcript holds exciting news that there will indeed be a "Lucid" panel on 23rd July, Friday, 4.30-5.30pm (venue TBC) at SDCC. And it seems The Luxuriantly Bearded One - Corey Moosa - will be there doing jumping jacks! *grin* Zach's presence is still unconfirmed.

Amongst other things that I can reveal from the nostalgic past is the 30-sec TV acting debut of BFD collaborator, Lance Mazmanian. Check out the amusing clip right here! He sure did make the most of the screen time he had! Also, don't forget to read the accompanying "Note" on the page. (Thanks to Lance for allowing the fan-girly distribution of this clip. ;) )

Not so long ago, Lance wrote and directed a 7-min film on a shady almost-apocalpytic world called "The Endgame Study". The filmlet may give you a taste of what Lance's artistic vision is like. If you are interested in grabbing a DVD copy of this film, contact Lance directly at Then, remember to put in a vote for the film at IMDb!

Back to the topic of conventions, this year will be first time I will be soaking up the frenzied-madness of SDCC. I am certain *more* good and new memories will be made! Mainly because I will be meeting my SArmy/ZArmy online friends for Preview Night and our special tweetup. Anyone who is interested in meeting us, just head to our Facebook Group's discussion board to sign-up or drop us a note!

Geek Me! It's now 40 Days to Comic Con!!!


  1. This whole post is a hoot. Seeing Zach as a young pup really shows both the kernel of who he is and how marvelously polished he's become.

    Let me second the "Endgame Study" rec- Lance sent me a copy, and I really enjoyed it- he really is a visionary. I hope he can get it launched.

    Wish I could go to SDCC. Maybe someday...

  2. My god! I believe I saw Zach smile! Happy days! How I have missed his smile.

    The neckwear? I've seen "neckerbund" -- inelegant. Neckwrap? Neccent? I don't really know what to call it, but I like it.

    ZQ sure was nerdy-cute in "Code Blue."

    I hope I can go and see him, manscapes and decades later, in "Angels in America."

    An elegant man and a fabulous actor.

  3. I'm jealous ..
    I wish I earn tons of money and own my own time so I can take whatever number of days leave I want.
    Then, I can make it to watch an actual Broadway play. :(
    Maybe another day, another time...