Wednesday, June 16, 2010

East Side, West Side

Do not underestimate the power of a furry friend who misses you... and misses you BADLY.

Four-legged DQMF Noah Quinto (Random thought: does it mean dogs have four biceps?) must have probably whined - er - I mean, demanded - Zachary Quinto's presence back home in LA.

For our Zach flew back from East Coast to West Coast last weekend to be promptly and heartwarmingly reunited with his furry housemate. He tweeted:

"first noah hugs in 89 days. but who's counting? may we never have to wait so long again."

Just look at those two. Can anybody just *not* go Awwwwwww....??

A day or so later, in the early morning, Zach was zooming back to the East Coast again to continue filming "Margin Call".

The movie, produced by the lovely Before The Door boyz and written/ directed by J.C. Chandor, is currently being filmed in NYC.

More news have trickled in and it is to my delight that two more man-wiches - Simon Baker and Paul Bettany - are in negotiations to join the cast of "Margin Call". How delicious can that be??! (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

I really can't wait for this indie film now!!

PS: With all this flying coast to coast, what are the bets that Zachary Quinto will actually make it for SDCC??


  1. I want him to go!!!

    That being said, who knows? LOL :D Can't wait for Margin Call. The cast is shaping up nicely :)

  2. IN ADDITION to Kevin Spacey??? And Stanley Tucci???

    W-O-W, Before the Door!

    Caaaaaaaan't wait to see this!!!

  3. MJ.. there's even Demi Moore now :D

    Really can't wait for the movie .. I hope I can catch it here since it's indie