Monday, September 13, 2010

Lucid with Michael McMillian - Final Part 3

Michael McMillian (pic by Mabes)
"Lucid" was released on 9 September and boy were there lots of buzz and good reviews! There were reports that the graphic novel was near to selling out in some comic book stores. What a great debut for the first Archaia-Before The Door collaboration!

As Zachary Quinto tweeted just now - "Lucid" is the new Black ;)

If you have missed some of reviews or articles, here are the links again:

There's even a video of "Lucid"'s creator/ writer and True Blood actor, Michael McMillian and our fave bb, Zachary Quinto talking abit about the comic on MTV Splashpage.

You can also check out all the "Lucid" news at their Facebook page. Don't forget to click here to "Like" the page!

Michael and Shawn (pic by Archaia)
Just yesterday, Michael and "Lucid"s letterer and funny man Shawn DePasquale was at Collector's Paradise to celebrate the launch of "Lucid" and making a bunch of fans squee by signing autographs. If you met them and want to share your experience on the blog, email me!

Michael will also be making an appearance at Golden Apple Comics on 15 September, 10am. You can have him for.. er.. I mean, you can have breakfast with Michael at this special event held at 7018 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, Ca.

Here's Michael answering some fun questions for us for our last video interview filmed at this year's Comic Con. He also sends out a special message to the SArmy and fans out there:

So.... you've heard it. A Mathew Dee-Army anyone??

If you have already read "Lucid", do post a comment on this blog to tell me what you thought of the graphic novel! I'd love to hear it from you.

A couple of tweet reviews from fans who have read "Lucid":

@Sunfell - "I am really impressed with this title, its world, and the art. And the story crackles with lots of potential. It’s a great kickoff for Before The Door’s publishing arm." (More on her blog)

@DestinyRaven - "it was a complete mind blower and entertaining with all the historical/occult tie ins...."

There is also a more Singaporean-ized review of the comic at sister blog Red Dot Diva.

If you haven't managed to get "Lucid" yet, here's a chance where you can nab a Michael McMillian-autographed copy! (See pic on left)

Watch all three Michael McMillian interview videos and then answer these two simple questions.

Q1: Who is the illustrationist for the "Lucid" comic series?

Q2: What are the graphical magical charms featured in "Lucid" called?

Email your answer with your name and valid email address.
And mark your email with the Subject Title as "Lucid Giveaway"

The online contest ends on 19 September 2010, Sunday, 9 am GMT!
A winner will be randomly chosen from all correct entries.

If you need to re-read the previous blogs, here are the links:

- Lucid with Michael McMillian - Part 1
- Lucid with Michael McMillian - Part 2


  1. Do you have links to the other two video interviews? I can't find them.

  2. Great blog post, as usual.
    And I like Lucid very much. A rich story with fascinating characters. I surely hope they do more than just the 4 issues! Looks like there's a lot of backstory to be told. And I can't wait for #2, to find out how the story goes on.

  3. LUCID is amazing!! Compelling story and beautiful graphics. Tells enough of the story that you feel immediately drawn into the action yet teases with intriguing hints to other parts of the story so you want more!!! Will be a wonderful series. McMillian, Wieszczyk, Before the Door and Archaia Comics should be proud!!

  4. I so agree... I really didn't expect to be captivated. But I was.

    Sunfell - there are a few ways to navigate the blogger

    1. on right panel, there's the Blog Archive with links by month
    2. Labels on right panel with tag words can also be used to point to specific blogs
    3. Of if one likes scrolling, they can click the main header image above to go back to blog's Home and then go down the page to browse through "Older Posts"

    in any case, I've added the part 1 and part 2 blog links as easy reference.