Thursday, September 2, 2010

Going Berserker About Milo Ventimigilia

I thought I had missed out on this opportunity because Milo Ventimiglia was signing on Friday and I was already in a panel. However Top Cow arranged another chance for those who attended their panel on Saturday. All was not lost!!

I went to the Top Cow panel and managed to get fifth row, second chair in. Not bad I thought. I scanned the room but didn’t see Milo.

The panel began and I listened to the various artists and their announcements. I was interested in some of the future projects that they mentioned but every time the door opened I turned to see if it was Milo. My mind was distracted.

With only 15 minutes left of the panel, the door opened again and in walked Milo and Russ Cundiff. Milo stood in the back of the room so I turned around and aimed my camera at him. I think I was one of the only people to see him walk in. He saw and even smiled while I took his picture!! YAY!! However I was very mad at myself later because it was blurry.

Milo and Russ were called up on stage and they spoke quickly about their comic "Berserker". Unfortunately, time was running short and there was still a few more announcements to be made. The moderator told the audience that if we wanted Milo’s autograph, we could get a ticket at the door before we left the room. I picked up my ticket and headed off down to the Exhibit Hall.

There were a few other girls already in line when I got down there, however Top Cow hadn’t decided where Milo was going to sit so they couldn’t tell us where to line up. So we all mingled around until we were given directions where the line was going to bex. While waiting, I sent a text to RJ McCasland (a makeup artist from "Heroes") telling him where I was. He told me to stay put because he wanted to say hi to Milo. He jumped in line with and we slowly worked our way up to the front (1st two names) and Russ were all there as well. They all signed and then I got to Milo!!

We both said hi to each other and he asked my name. As he signed RJ hid his face behind a folder and started going “oh my god, oh my god” in the fan-girly way. Milo gave him a very strange look but then RJ uncovered his face and Milo laughed and a brilliant smile appeared on his face. Wow!! I was almost speechless at that point. However I did manage to ask if I could get a picture with him. He happily obliged and turned down RJ’s offer to take the pic. Instead Milo held the camera himself and took our pic. Came out on the first try, what a pro.

Then RJ told him he wanted to take a pic to send to Wendi (another makeup artist from "Heroes"). I so wish I had this pic because it was hilarious. As Milo was looking at the picture RJ took, I asked him if he had enjoyed Winnipeg. He said he enjoyed it a lot and he mentioned traveling down to MN. So I told him that I lived in Grand Forks, ND for 7 years. He said he drove through it and listed off some other towns he had been to both in ND and MN. We chatted for another minute or so and then shook hands again.

I thanked him for the picture and the autograph, and RJ, and I left. It was a wonderful experience to meet Milo.

Thanks to @nhousey for this cute Milo report and piccie!

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  1. Cool that RJ played a trick on Milo. You are so lucky, getting to meet Heroes people while I stew in Utah. :-) Fun read!