Monday, August 30, 2010

Lucid with Michael McMillian - Part 1

Following the development of the graphic novel "Lucid" has been an interesting journey for most of us.

From the announcement about the comic project by Archaia and Before the Door, to their first joint panel at last year's Comic Con with writer Michael McMillian, followed by various press releases since then. And finally, culminating with "Lucid" making its freshborn-baby appearance at this year's San Diego Comic Con.

Visiting Archaia's booth on Preview Night at Comic Con was one of the first things I had planned to do. And when we arrived at the booth, @eserei27 and I grabbed copies of the comic for ourselves.

(Spoiler alert!! Don't say I didn't warn ya!)

While waiting in the really long long lines during the convention, I was able to finish reading issue 1 of "Lucid".

The first issue sets up the character of "combat mage" and Protector of the Realm - Matthew Dee - really well. Rakishly handsome, a tad world-weary with quite a bit of snark in him, I took on a strong liking to Matt Dee rather quickly. Maybe it is because I'm rather snarky myself. It obviously didn't help that illustrationist Anna Wieszczyk has a unique manga-anime drawing style that we Asians are very used to... and she drew Matthew with really nice biceps. hehehe ;)

Other interesting characters like egomaniacal ghoulie Waylan Gheely and the all business-like red-head handler Vivian Lock were also introduced. There was also a creepy, mysterious interlude concerning an invisible entity in Matthew Dee's apartment. Who... *What* is that?!?!

To me, "Lucid" was like BBC's "Merlin" meets "Covert Affairs" meets "Stargate Universe". The comic was fast-paced and the universe created by Michael McMillian is definitely intriguing. There are a lot of details to absorb in issue #1 but I think those who are already into scifi-fantasy genres will find it rewarding enough to stick it through to issue #2. Besides, issue #1 ends with a ... .aaaargh... cliffhanger!

The next two days at Comic Con were very hectic, and I could only find time to see Michael on Saturday for his autograph. There weren't as many people in the line as the day before right after the "Lucid" panel, and so having a short quick chat with Michael wasn't a problem at all.

I told him I was from SArmy and that a few weeks ago, I had earlier sent him an email interview for the blog through Archaia's Marketing Director, Mel Caylo. Michael remembered that and asked if I got the reply alright. (The previous Michael McMillian interview is right here.)

Interviewing Michael McMillian (pic by @Mabetini)
For a month or so, SArmy founder/ moderator @Mabetini and I have worked with Mel Caylo for an opportunity to record Michael McMillian for a more interactive video interview during Comic Con. Mel (our hero!) managed to arrange that on Sunday afternoon at Archaia's booth.

Sunday was a rather busy day at the exhibit hall. And due to the ambient noise levels, Mel decided to seat me right beside Michael at his autograph booth. There was a fair number of people requesting for Michael's autographs, including a couple of breathless "True Blood" fans. And we patiently waited for him to finish the line before we began our video interview.

Here's the Michael McMillian "Lucid" Interview - Part 1

More Michael McMillian interview clips will be coming up soon. Watch all of the clips and there will be a special online contest after the final video has been posted!!

"Lucid" #1 is out on September 9, 2010.

Do post your reviews for "Lucid" in the comments section. I'd love to read your thoughts about the comic!


  1. Thank You! I've pre-ordered #LUCID from my comic book store =)

  2. I've been wondering when this video would make it's appearance. ***I was standing there watching the whole thing (and holding everyone's bags)*** It was so great of him to do an interview! Thank you for the video, can't wait to see the rest of it!

  3. Fun times, deedee! ;)
    Wish I cld do more stuff during Comic Con.. but it was a darn hectic few days! Running around like a mad woman!