Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Not-So-Heavenly Initial Rush

ZQ's tweet: "The great work begins"
Not long ago ago, it was announced that Zachary Quinto will star in Tony Kushner's award-winning play "Angels in America" at the Signature Theatre, NYC.

Zach will act as Louis Ironson, the weak, frightened and unfaithful lover to a gay man with AIDS (played by Christian Borle). (Although I feel that standing by what you know you must do, may not be so weak after all.)

Since the announcement, ardent Quinto fans who wanted to watch the play have been keeping an eye out for the tickets to go on sale on 3rd August.

Apparently, the tickets went on sale a little earlier and when word got around that online booking was available, the frenzy crashed Signature Theatre's website server!

Some fans who lived near and around NYC decided to take a cab to the theatre's box office and try their luck there. Other die-hard fans engaged their fellow friends' help and/ or called the box office number persistently. The flurry of ZQ fans' biceps working to obtain the hard-to-get play tickets was blinding. From what I observed, lots of fan drama erupted, feelings got hurt and were on edge, tempers flared... Wow. Obviously it is not quite a beatific experience attempting to get tickets for a show that is bestowed with such a cherubic name. (Note: I solemnly swear that I did not instigate or partake in any of this drama although I would have loved to be a part of managed mischief. *g*)

Probably semi-oblivious to all that fan drama, Zachary Quinto continues with his play rehearsals. Some official day 1's rehearsal pics were released last month, and .... tell me, ZQ-Hairband - YES/NO?

Wait, oops. My bad. Moot point. Since Zach cut his hair to a fuzzy buzz cut before he came to San Diego for his Comic Con appearance.

A week after he returned to NYC from the whirlwind that was Comic Con, Zach tweeted this adorable pic of himself (pic on right) studying his lines from the play, while he was having a "dragonfly convention" and "drowning in words".

It also seems that Zach is beginning to grow a beard from the official "Angels in America" cast photo which was released a few days ago. Or he could just been feeling too lazy to shave. ;) Click here to view the rehearsal and cast pics. (Source: Signature Theatre)

"Angels in America" begins preview performances on September 14, and opens on October 28 at the Peter Norton Space (555 West 42nd Street). Due to popular demand, the play has been extended to January 30, 2011.

Now, let's hope that those fans who got their tickets will finally get the heavenly rush they desire on their respective show dates... and hopefully, leave the drama to those on stage.


  1. Hairband- no, not my cup of tea. But I'll forgive him cos he's ZQ, and he still made it look adorable. Much prefer the buzzcut. And as most people who know me already are aware, I love scruff, so the new AiA cast picture makes me happy :)

    I'm lucky enough to get to see the play on Jan. 12 and 13. I'll let you know how "heavenly" it is ;)

  2. While he is probably the only guy I can think of who can rock a headband and still look good, not my favorite look on him. *laugh*

    The buzzcut? Kind of adorable, his eyes look even more huge. And yep, I was lucky to get some of those tickets, only because they opened up more viewings in January. So me, and a bunch of ZQC people will be seeing the show on January 8th!

  3. eserei27 -- Yes yes... you have to. You are the guest blog contributor. LOL

  4. Headband, no; greasy-looking locks, no; long hair, at least at top and shaped on sides, an emphatic YES !!!

    I think he's going to have it back to a pretty normal length by the opening of the play. Some people's hair grows quite fast.

    PS - Spent a long time in military and do NOT care for ZQ looking like a gung-ho Marine. Sorry, Marines.