Monday, August 9, 2010

Say Hello To My SDCC Blog Contributors!

Thanks to a bunch of good friends and awesome roomies, we managed to cover various panels and activities during Comic Con!

A few of them will be sharing their personal experiences of these events which include:

- Tim Kring/ Zachary Quinto (previous blog post right here)
- TNT's "Leverage" - blog by @RealFastTlkr
- WB's "Nikita" preview screening
- USA Network's "Burn Notice"/ "White Collar"/ "Psych" panels
- Showtime's "Anti-Heroes" panel
- Mark Sheppard autograph signing
- NBC's new show "The Event"
- Archaia/ Before the Door's "Lucid" panel
- CW's "Smallville"
- CW's "Supernatural"
- ABC's "Castle"
- BBC's "Merlin"
- "Scott Pilgrim"movie
- Joss Whedon/ JJ Abrams "Visionaries" panel
- Milo Ventimiglia autograph signing

More may surface in the coming weeks.

Blog contributions that are not related to ZQ/ Heroes or Before the Door will be posted in my other new blog - Red Dot Diva.

The blog contributors include:

I would also like to mention that there were also some tweeps who are not blog contributors, but were nevertheless, a great help.

Thanks to Evil Twin @_mriel for her company, extra hands plus her "camera work" for a very special interview coming up soon. And to @HardlyanAngel and @deedee9378 for being a constant moral support and Mabes for just being there :)

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