Friday, September 24, 2010

More Lucid Reviews and Contest Results

And the good reviews for "Lucid" just keep coming in!

Here are a few more reviews on the internet:

A couple of fans also have their say about "Lucid" #1:
"Lucid was a great read. I love going back and reading it over and over (something I rarely do). The art is beautiful as well!" - @Selestina118

"I read Lucid #1, and I can't wait for the other issues! It's a complex and intriguing story and I hope they add many more issues!" - @SteffiGoosie

Do post your thoughts on "Lucid" in the comments section if you have read it!

And a big congratulations to Kyria Verney for winning the ZQBiceps blog's "Lucid" online contest!!
Kyria wins a copy of "Lucid" #1 autographed by Michael McMillian!