Monday, September 6, 2010

Lucid with Michael McMillian - Part 2

Interviewing Michael (pic by @Mabetini)
People, people.... The first issue of "Lucid" will be out in stores this week on 9 September!!

Writer/ creator of "Lucid", I had the chance to interview Michael McMillian at Comic Con about the first issue. Part 1 of the interview was featured in a blog post here.

Michael continues to reveal some magickal things about first book and gives us a few tidbits of what is to come next!


Watch Part 2 of the interview right here:

Another Michael McMillian final "Lucid" interview clip will be coming up soon. Watch all of the clips on this blog, and there will be a special online contest after the final video has been posted!!

To celebrate the launch of "Lucid" #1, Michael will be signing autographs at Collector's Paradise (7131 Winnetka Avenue Winnetka, CA) on Saturday, September 11th from 1 pm to 3 pm!

The cover for "Lucid" #4 has also been released recently. Check out the beautiful cover by Anna Wieszczyk on the right!

If you have got your copy of "Lucid", please do post your reviews in the comments section. I'd love to read your thoughts about the comic!

To end off this post - a special announcement for Comic Con 2011 goers! The organizers have recently announced that tickets will go on sale on their website on November 1!! Unfortunately, the 4-day passes with Preview Night have already been sold out when tickets were available for purchase during this year's convention.

Do get your tickets early if you intend to go! You can read more about this topic on Red Dot Diva's blog post!

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