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Nothing More Than More Spotlight!

Neo Geisha
While Natalie Wells is currently away in Japan for her wondrous 3-week holiday, the blog interview continues with part 2!

I can't wait for Natalie to return home with more stories and Nippon-esque photos, taken in her inimitable style. And I'm sure she'd be SHOPPING... lots! hehehe

In this second instalment, Natalie tells us about SArmy, Zachary Quinto, more about Japan and other fun stuff! Are you ready? Here goes!

8. How did you get involved with SArmy? :)

I got involved shortly after Sylar hit the screens of the BBC in September 2007. I really don’t watch TV, so for a show to grab me on that kind of fandom level was a whole new experience. It freaked me out to be honest! Sylar interested me from his first mention. As a ‘darker’ person with a love of the macabre it was only natural. Until Sylar appeared properly, Nathan was my favourite, it was the ruthlessness and power he had. Turns out Sylar had even more so poor Nathan was quickly dropped, though never totally gone from my heart! (I wept like a baby at his final farewell)

After Zach’s performance in ‘Six Months Ago’ I was entranced then, in ‘Distractions’ when he overpowered Bennet, I was smitten. It was the power, the belittling of authority, the pajamas! I actively searched for somewhere to share my appreciation. So I headed to Google, searched Zachary Quinto and that lead me straight to Sylar’s Army, I believe it was just under his IMDB (something I’m still proud of). You can imagine my delight. I lurked for a little while, checking it’s friendliness levels, (I once had a crap forum experience) and in November I signed up and pledged my allegiance. The rest is history!

I’d only had two other forum experiences and one was yucky, so I was really cautious about getting into it all. The charity work and the fact that Zach endorsed it made a huge difference, but ultimately it was the fact that SArmy is SUCH a friendly community, especially during those early days. I found friends I know I’ll have for life.

9. Have you ever met Zachary Quinto and what was that experience like?

I have been lucky enough to meet the man himself. His is an absolute gentleman with the most intense eyes ever! I’m quite useless really, he spoke to me about something in particular and I have no memory of anything, just those eyes burning into my soul! Best. Experience. Ever!

I worked at a music magazine for several years and met a lot of famous people, many like Zach at the top of their game (Star Trek came out just 3 months earlier). I have never met one as humble and grateful as Zach. More than anything else, those qualities came across. He is incredibly grateful for everything in his life and that was so refreshing for me to see. I’m not being biased either. A meeting in person can make or break a fan. I classed myself as a Marilyn Manson fan until I met him; he was a walking egomaniac, his poor band were lovely. The music left a sour taste after that.

It is easy to become jaded towards celebrity when it becomes work. I have only been truly star struck twice in my life. I wasn’t star struck when I met Zach, it was a whole new emotion. I realised as I staggered away, that I wasn’t ecstatic because I had met Zachary Quinto, but I was ecstatic because I had just met one of the most wonderful, positive and appreciative people I was ever going to be lucky enough to meet. Zachary John Quinto, you’re doing it right. ;)

10. Those who know you know that Japan has a special place in your heart. Can you tell us why?

I first became ‘aware’ of Japan when I was about 8, a new girl joined our class; she came from Japan. We became best friends and when she visited home she always brought me back various items. Kitty-chan of course took my fancy, but it was the writing which caught my imagination; I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen, I still do. The more I learnt, the more fascinated I became.

3 girls
When I first took myself out there in 2005, a lot of people said, “Oooh culture-shock!” and I was preparing myself for that, but it didn’t happen, I just felt… home. Everything in my life made sense and became clear, everything leading up to that point, even my certain mannerisms and things I do without thinking. In London they are quirky, in Japan they are normal, so yes, I felt at home. Lots of Japanese friends are certain there must be a past life thing going on. One is even sure I was an Oiran; artistic courtesans of such high standing that Geisha were their servants. Yeah, past life or not, I like that theory.

I have never felt out of place in London, I love it and I’m very proud of my city, but with its historical culture and legends, Japan is just more ‘me’.

A few months ago I realised I only know the line, “God, save the Queen” from my national anthem, yet I know every word of the Japanese national anthem, “Kimigayo”. This fact, above all others symbolizes my attachment to Japan.

11. You will be heading to Japan again. Can you share with us what are the personal "Must-do"s during this trip, this time round?

The main ones are to give my non-biological nephew and niece the biggest hugs of their lives! I also want to pay my respects at the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima. Other than that I’m shooting as much as I can, *trying* not to spend money in Tokyo, swimming with fishies in Okinawa and hopefully finding the Takoyaki Museum in Osaka. I love takoyaki…

12. If you are super-villian, what would be your weapon of choice?

If? My friends, I AM!

Like most Super-Villains, the dream of raising and controlling my own Army of the Dead, is never far from my thoughts, however, on a smaller scale I would LOVE to be telekinetic. That has nothing to do with Sylar or Heroes, I lay the blame for this entirely at the feet of Roald Dahl and his most wonderful book, Matilda.

13. and..... most importantly (hahaha) ... Chocolate or Vanilla?

What?! Seriously?! That isn’t even a question, chocolate is the ONLY option. Vanilla is so m’eh, a soulless flavor, no guts or glory! XD

I offered Natalie the opportunity to send out a few personal messages and she had quite a few on her mind:

- To my family for always supporting and encouraging my art whether it be painting 10ft x 8ft backdrops in the dining room or not touching a cup with mould for fear it is ‘still-life’. I know how lucky I am, you are fantastic.

- To my most wonderful Epic Thread brethren, you are my comfort blanket, my safety net, my extra family, I love and appreciate you, everyday.

- To everyone at Lomography Gallery Store; you are not staff, you are friends. Friends to all your customers and especially me, thank you for your support.

My girls
- To the SArmy and everyone connected, you need to know how much I rate you. Every single one of you is spectacular.

- To my two closest friends, Ego and Mabes; I wonder if you both know how special you really are, I hope so. I think myself lucky to have you both in my life. Thank you for always being there.

- Finally, any friends that I haven’t mentioned; I don’t like you any less, I just can’t put you into a neat group. So many of you stand alone and I love you for that. You make my life richer and happier in so many ways.

- Also, HUGE thanks to Tina for putting this together! Brilliant idea. Fuck the seas and oceans, let’s hang out! (@syzzlyn: Planning on it! Hope it's SOONER than later, my friend!)

Don't forget to take a look and visit Natalie's photography website, Nothing More.

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(Lastly ... a note to any over-enthusiastic ZQ fans out there, please give proper due credit. The above Zachary Quinto pic belongs to Natalie Wells!)

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