Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zachary Quinto Goes NERD in SDCC

For the last few years, faithful "Heroes" and Zachary Quinto fans would wait in line many hours ahead to get into his panels at SDCC.

This year, Zach will be at SDCC again together with Corey Moosa and Neal Dodson, his cohorts from Before The Door, and publishing partner, Archaia. But this time, the gang will be doing something different!!

You see, Zach is friends with Zac. As in Zachary Levi. As in the lead actor from "Chuck". As in Zac, the huge self-professed geek who started The Nerd Machine.

To give others who do not have SDCC tickets a chance to join in all the geekery, The Nerd Machine has joined hands with BreakMedia (a leading digital publisher) to host a NerdHQ offsite at the Gaslamp District! The festivities will be held at Jolt’N Joe’s.

Zac is also partnering with with gaming companies, Xbox 360 and Gunnar Optiks! Nerd HQ will be a gathering place for people who love gaming, cosplaying, and basically partying away nerd-style! There will be popular celebrities visiting the HQ and they may hang out playing Kinect for Xbox 360 games, like Dance Central 2 and Gunstringer. The best thing is that admission to NerdHQ is FREE.

And, that's not just it. A few panels will be featured as part of the NerdHQ celebrations during SDCC. These panels are ticketed events called "Conversations for a Cause".

Ticket will be going for at least USD 20 each, and all proceeds will channel to the Operation Smile charity. The charity aims to help children born with cleft palates.

One of the "Conversations for a Cause" panels will be hosted by Zachary Quinto (as part of the Before The Door team) and Archaia Publishing. Comic creators for "Lucid" and "Mr Murder Is Dead" - Victor Quinaz, Brent Schoonover and Michael McMillian - will be joining in the panel as well to discuss about their graphic novels. And not forgetting, that Archaia editor-in-chief, the handsome Stephen Christy, will be moderating the panel too! Now, that's an entire panel of very delicious biceps!

Other panels consist of fan favourites like the Firefly cast, Scott Bakula and Zachary Levi!

Nerd Machine opened the online ticketing portal for "Conversations for a Cause" yesterday morning USA time, and the server crashed almost immediately with all the eager fans trying to get hold of their tickets! The tickets are probably all sold out by now. But if you still want to check out the schedule, click right here.

I hope those who wanted to see Zach (or the other fantastic guests) managed to get their tickets!

Promise to send me news and pics? :)

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