Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Remember This Day - "Margin Call" Official Trailer Is Out!

It's a financial crisis!

Finally, after many months of waiting impatiently for an official trailer, the one for "Margin Call" was released yesterday on Yahoo! Movies.

"Margin Call", written and directed by J.C Chandor, chronicles the start of a financial crisis happening right in the heart of a Wall Street investment firm.

Unprimeval abnormalies show up. Things get ugly. Facts get covered up. Blame gets wonderfully distributed all around.

With the horror of an impending financial apocalypse, the movie shows how the different characters in the firm react and make their decisions within a frame of 24 hours. A really apt movie for this difficult economic times.

Even if you have financiojargonobia, take a look at the trailer:

The trailer showed a thrilling sense of urgency and I still can't get over all the awesome looking suited-up biceps in the footage.

Kevin Spacey - a screengrabber as always. And the usually smiley-charming Simon Baker being ominously sleazy in a baddie role.

And most of all, big boss of the investment company John Tuld (played by Jeremy Irons) arrogantly snarling, "There are three ways to make a living in this business. Be first, be smarter... or cheat." Man, those few evil seconds were hot.

There is also sufficiently enough Peter Sullivan (Zachary Quinto) moments in the trailer to tease the ZQ-fandom for a little while longer. I totally appreciated the close-up shots. Have to say, those eyebrows are still very lickable. It's certainly a nice visual change to see Zach acting in a non-scifi-related role.

Set for a Fall 2011 release date in the USA, "Margin Call" definitely seems like a really smart movie. The production values and set kinda reminds me of "24" - a series I loved. And oh, Zach is also crunching tech-jumbo in the movie. Kinda like his role in "24"??!

I do wonder if "Margin Call" might be a little "too smart" for some lay people, who merely want to be "entertained" when they go to the cinema. But I'm SOLD! (Has there ever been any doubt?)

Unfortunately, I do not know if "Margin Call" will be screened in Singapore as I have not seen any release dates mentioned on the local websites. Stranger things have happened regarding local releases, especially for indie movies, so I really can't say if I'll be lucky enough to watch this on the big screen.

But I'm still hoping!

"Remember This Day", folks.


Keep an eye out for "Margin Call"'s new website. It is undergoing some revamp right now.

If not, follow "Margin Call" on Facebook and Twitter!

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