Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Fan's Zachary Quinto Experience at Nerd HQ

It never fails to make me feel delighted whenever I hear of a fellow ZQ fan who had a wonderful experience meeting Mr Sexy Biceps himself.

As any hardcore Zachary Quinto fan would know, his production team Before The DoorArchaia took over Nerd HQ last Saturday for a panel about graphic novels "Lucid" and "Mr Murder Is Dead". (Still don't know what Nerd HQ is? Check out this blog post!)

The panel was streamed live from Nerd HQ which allowed many other fans who were unable to be at San Diego to partake in the ZQ/ BTD/ Archaia goodness. Comic creators Michael McMillian, Victor Quinaz and Brent Schoonover were also present to talk about their graphic novels.

Cassandra was right there at Nerd HQ and she happily shares her story and pictures with us!


I must admit, I am a giant chicken when it comes to meeting celebrities, especially ones that I love.

So when my friend told me that she bought me tickets to not only see Zachary Quinto at the "Lucid" panel (via a very lively and generous Zachary Levi and his Nerd HQ), I almost wanted to decline because of the wave of nervousness that hit me right in my gut.

I have been a Zachary Quinto fan officially since "Star Trek" 09. I loved "Heroes" and the character of Sylar, but the first time I actually realized how amazing ZQ was, was during my first time watching ST09. Ever since then, I've shown my support for him in all of his creative feats.

While I did not get a chance to read "Lucid" or "Mr. Murder Is Dead" (my life is currently a swift tide of work, school and relocation), the panel was very energetic and informative.

The guys have a very close camaraderie that was truly pleasant to watch. They even shared a few added comic panels that featured Zach in nothing but a towel in a sauna (mimicking his role as Sassan in "So noTORIous"), and asking an elderly man (who in response gives him the finger) how to to DVR "Chuck".

All in all, Zach was very pleasant. Not as visibly as hyper as his friends, but he was still very involved in answering questions for the fans.

Meeting him was so amazing - it was something I never deemed would happen as the man is virtually travelling all over the world most of the time.

He was very welcoming, made eye contact (which melted my heart) and has excellent penmanship. He was chatty with every fan that stopped before him, and showed warm appreciation when I thanked him for being the amazing human that he is.

Overall, it was a meeting that I won't ever forget, and I hope that every ZQ fan gets a chance to interact with him in one way or another.

Enjoy the photos!


Thanks to Cassandra for her fan report and pics.

"Mr Murder Is Dead" (in hardcover) was launched at San Diego Comic Con last week.

Those who don't really have good comic stores locally, you can pre-order it online from or!

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