Saturday, July 23, 2011

Suspended Geek-gasm - Zachary Quinto at NerdHQ

Blame it on the fact that the earth is round and I am 15 hours ahead of San Diego. And that I have to log in "normal working hours" the entire week.

I also have to admit that I do not possess any time-freezing or time-travel powers. (Sorry to disappoint some of you.)

I just simply couldn't stay up for the live webcast of the Archaia - "Lucid"/ "Mr Murder Is Dead" panel held at the NerdHQ. I do consider an attempt to re-generate my brain cells a very important process. Plus, I am getting old.

So, I do not have the details of what have been said or actually transpired at the panel. I will leave that job to my Twitter buddy @eserei27, and she will send me her report of the panel when she is able to.

If anyone else wants to send me a quick fan report with pics and/ or vids, do feel free to email me!

What I have though, are some wonderful pics of our bb Zachary Quinto looking so handsome in geeky glasses and suspenders!! And that I knew of many fans who finally had the chance to meet him in person as Zach was doing signings of both comics after the panel.

That is not to say that the rest of the men up on stage at the panel weren't handsome (or geeky) too. ;) The Before The Door guys - Corey Moosa and Neal Dodson - were there. So was Michael McMillian, Victor Quinaz and Brent Schoonover. And... Archaia's Editor-in-Chief Stephen Christy was moderating the panel. It was a panel-ful of nommy biceps! Which makes me suspect that there is something in the water in California.....

I did hear of Brent Schoonover (the artist for "Mr Murder Is Dead") giving Zach a surprise with a comic panel that he had drawn.

Apparently, Zach wasn't expecting that at all!

And... have you all heard of Sylars' Army (SArmy), a fan group officially sanctioned by Zach himself?? One of the moderators, gentle charity-championer Mabes, met him again for the umpteenth time. And he graciously signed three items for charity. Do look out for Mabes' tweets at @Mabetini or check out the SArmy website for the charity auction when they are ready to be launched!

While I wait with bated breath for more details (or can watch a video of the panel if someone can upload that), I am definitely taking in the excitement vicariously through the SDCC tweets and tumblr posts I have been receiving.

Pic by Mel Caylo
It is always fun to see other ZQ fans savouring the moment when they finally get to meet the man himself.

Zach does that to you.
(His biceps, especially, does doubly that for me ;) )

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