Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jack Coleman Rocks Out In Hallmark TV Movie

As much as this blog is specially dedicated to Zachary Quinto's lovely biceps, it also aims to provide interesting news and information relating to Zach's working partners, fellow actors and crew members in his various dealings.

Especially when it comes to “Heroes” - the NBC-cancelled TV series that many fans still miss.

One of Zach's more popular co-stars in “Heroes” is Jack Coleman. Usually striding around on screen in a suit, Jack played Noah Bennett (better known as HRG), the loving papa of ClaireBear. Morally ambivalent HRG spent four seasons alternatively hunting down or protecting those with abilities.

Recently, Jack Coleman starred in the Hallmark show “Rock The House” and I asked long-time JC fan @dref22 to give us her mini review!

Here goes!


After guest-starring in “The Mentalist”, “House” and “The Office” (he was a recurring character in "The Office" and I’m hoping to see him in the next season too), Jack Coleman graced our screens recently with a Hallmark Channel original movie, “Rock The House”.

Though the film was meant to air a year ago, Hallmark Channel decided to move the premiere date to this year’s Father's Day weekend, finally giving Coleman fans its long-awaited 'rocking' debut.

The story goes like this - Jack Coleman's character, Max Peterson, is a highly stressed attorney who has not been able to spend time with his daughter Karen, played by Cassie Thomson. This, unfortunately, costs him his marriage and his relationship with Karen. Eventually Max goes to a class reunion and meets up with his old buddies who were in a band with him back in the day. When Max rediscovers his love for playing in a band, he also discovers that he and Karen have a similar talent and passion for music, which ends up bringing them much closer together.

The movie is unsurprisingly predictable, as most family flicks are, but certainly cute and entertaining for the most part. The cast is decently good, though most importantly to a music-driven plot, the songs are all original, catchy, and fun.

Through “Rock The House”, fans of Jack Coleman may discover another hidden talent of his - singing. According to a source from the set, the plan was to use Jack's actual singing in the movie and thankfully, his natural voice was kept in post-production.

As Jack himself said in interviews about “Rock The House”, he is truly singing and playing the guitar in this film. But, his musical talents shouldn’t come as a surprise as he has appeared in regional theaters across the country, playing Danny Zuko in "Grease".

Apart from Jack's artistic talents and the good chemistry of the cast - especially the angst between Max and Karen which made me think about HRG and Claire the whole time - Jack’s irresistible charm and undeniable hotness make this film all the more enjoyable.

I personally think these reasons are more than enough to make me watch him in anything (“Time Under Fire”, I’m looking at you), but it makes me happier when these are decent movies and shows, like “Rock The House”.

If you’re able to catch this cute film, I highly recommend you to watch it, even if only to see the amusing scenes of Jack “rocking" with his band, singing, and playing the guitar. Fun times are guaranteed.

PS - Here's a cool interview of Jack, in which he talks about his recent guest roles, his time on “Heroes”, and “Rock The House”. Click to the article here! (Source: AssignmentX)


Thanks to @dref22 for the write-up! :D
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