Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sylar's Painting Is In Ohio!

Remember those "Heroes" auctions which were up on eBay??

Well, my Twitter friend @eserei27 is a die-hard "Heroes" fan and was a fervent bidder for the Sylar painting. Yep, the one of Kirby Plaza that our favourite dark villain drew at Isaac's apartment.

Here's a short blurb from the happy fan who now has that awesome "Heroes" prop in her living room!


I like "Heroes".I know, it’s something you never would have guessed from talking to me, but it’s true. And my favorite character? Another shocker: Sylar, portrayed by one Mr. Zachary Quinto.

So when I discovered that props from the "Heroes" set were being auctioned off, I did what any diligent "Heroes" fan would have done, and eagerly browsed the collection. That’s when I stumbled across THE PAINTING.

It’s the one from the episode “How To Stop An Exploding Man,” when Sylar paints the forthcoming battle at Kirby Plaza between himself and Peter. After wiping the drool from my mouth, I quickly placed a bid.

In the weeks between placing my maximum bid and the fall of the auction hammer, my determination wavered. Should I really be spending so much on a painting, even if it was such an iconic painting from the show I love above all others? When my mind wandered in this direction, I would click on the link for the auction again and gaze upon the painting (which I had already started to refer to as “my painting” in my head) and my fervor would be renewed.

So at the auctions end, it was with no small amount of fangirl glee that I discovered that I had been fortunate enough to win the auction! The painting made it to me about two weeks later, and is now hanging in my fireplace room.

I now have a piece of "Heroes" history, and I couldn’t be happier.


FYI peeps - the auction ended at USD 1,175 after 23 bids.

Seems like I now have to go to Ohio one day, just to ogle at this painting and molest parts of it -- you know, the small segments where Quinto's fingers might have, probably would have, dabbed some paint on.


Thanks to @eserei27 for her blurb. The pic belongs to her.


  1. lucky, happy, awesome - so glad @eserei27 won this : YAY!!!!
    Sheindie - SArmy Member number 49 :D

  2. Hey eserei27! If I get to Ohio, may I come admire it? I promise not to drool on it.

  3. To that rude person who has been harassing us, go take your beef to whoever sold you that painting you said you won. Don't ever bug me or my friend especially when you are being a douchebag about it.

    Comments are being moderated right from now.

    I own this bloody blog, I have to right to protect it from idiots.

  4. Also, I wonder if said person actually *READ* the eBay auction details before he bought it.

    "This unique artwork is from the television show Heroes.

    This is piece of artwork was one of Sylar's (Zachary Quinto) paintings of his standoff with Peter in Kirby Plaza. This item was used in connection with the Season 1 episode titled, 'How to Stop an Exploding Man'. This print is a photo reproduction of the original graphic done by Heroes artist Tim Sale and is printed on canvas and mounted. It measures approximately 71 by 47.5 inches. It is in good condition but shows signs of wear from production. This is the first of two pieces of this artwork that was received from production."