Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Dog Eat Dog" Trots To A World Premiere at LA Film Festival

Just when I thought this was merely one of those short films that was produced on a whim, and will be available to a limited audience only, "Dog Eat Dog" proved me wrong by barking up a storm and making a dash to a World Premiere at this year's LA Film Festival.

The short film based on Zachary Quinto's dramatic and hilarious quest to adopt a dog from a pound (the current Noah, I presume...) is directed and written by his long-time friend Sian Heder

The film began humbly as a Kickstarter project in late 2011, with an active online drive to gather funds so that filming could begin.

Fans of Zach rallied around the project and "Dog Eat Dog" managed to get 307 backers and over USD 30,000 of funding. With that amount of funds, filming managed to kick off in LA early December 2011, with Zach acting in the main role together with Philip Baker Hall, Sharon Wilkins and a few four-footed actors.

"Dog Eat Dog" is categorized in the Shorts Program 4 for the LA Film Festival, and it will be shown at the following times:

- Fri, Jun 22nd 10:00pm
Virgin America Theatre/ Regal L.A. LIVE 9

- Sat, Jun 23rd 6:50pm
Virgin America Theatre/ Regal L.A. LIVE 9

As a tribute to the short film and its main purpose to bring more awareness about dog adoption, I've managed to gather a few lovely stories from ZQ fans who have also found woofy furry friends from kennels:

@NerdyJenn: Pickles completes our family.She's sweet,she's funny and while she's not the smartest, we adore her.

@Mabetini: We rescued Frodo from a local humane society several years ago. He was shipped from Scotland and we immediately fell in love with his sweet demeanor. Sadly, he had a heart condition and we lost him a couple months ago. We miss him dearly, but are adopting a rescue pup very soon.

@TsarMaxii: We found my dog at the local pound and she was only a year old and skittish but right away we knew we wanted her. She's an orchard dog and runs around the neighbourhood like she owns it. But she grew up to be great company even though she only obeys those she likes (I’m one of them) and still acts like a puppy. So happy we made the decision to take her in.

@Nevidge20: She's not from a pound but rescued from the side of a motorway. Our baby Izzy :)When you get home from work she's genuinely happy to see you and always says hello with such infectious enthusiasm. Plus, it's nice having someone intelligent to talk to ;)

And obviously, it seems that just having Noah and meow-friend Harold is not enough. Zach still has lots of love to give and more than enough biceps room to wrap his big warm hugs around another dog.

He had recently adopted a littler version of Noah.

Everyone, meet Skunk :)

Don't you think those mournful eyes could give Puss in Boots a run for his money?

Too bad. I can't be in LA to catch the "Dog Eat Dog" premiere. But as a small-time "Mates" backer, I'm really proud and excited that this little 12-minute film that we helped get made, is going to be screened at the LA Film Festival.

Congratulations again, Sian, Zach and the production team! 


If anyone is heading to LA Film Festival to watch "Dog Eat Dog" and wants to contribute a story to this blog, tweet me at @syzzlyn! I'd love to hear from you!

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