Saturday, June 2, 2012

Flex Those Biceps! It's Zachary Quinto's Birthday!

Cute plaid bday card from
Oh, joyous day!

Our favourite bb Zachary Quinto turns a very nommy 35 today!

"Star Trek 2" finished principal filming last month, and he celebrated the completion of the trademark Spock-like hair with cutting some off. I think. 

But who actually bothers about Zach's hairstyle?? (Ok. Stupid question, I know). 
As long as he still rocks those beautiful biceps, gracious sometimes goofy personality and wonderful acting chops! RIGHT?

So, break out all the glee and go for a digital worldwide celebration of Zach's birthday in your own style.

Go flex your biceps in his honour. Put on a plaid shirt and geeky glasses. Walk around menacingly pretending to slice someone's head out. Show off your Spock ears, or get a haircut with bangs. Wear a rubber latex suit..... 

Whatever rocks your party mood.

Or you could just simply send him a birthday tweet or message on his official Facebook page or ZQC website! ;)


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