Monday, May 14, 2012

That Night in Dublin - Unexpected Thrill for Star Trek Fans!

They beamed up to Hooters
Through a series of amusing tweets, Star Trek 2 actors, Simon Pegg and Zachary Quinto used their enterprising biceps to created quite a stir on the night of May 5.

I am not sure why they were particularly chatty about their adventures that night. We later learnt that Simon, Zach, Benedict and Chris were travelling to San Francisco together in a car.

Well, I know Simon's always chatty online but tweeting a partial timeline of events was not something Zach usually indulges in. It got even more hilarious when we found out that Zach was watching boxing with the guys at Hooters! 

It could very well be that they were giving tons of bromancy support to their new friend and Trek co-star, Benedict Cumberbatch, whose Series 2 of "Sherlock Holmes" was going to premiere for American audiences on PBS the next day.

Whatever the reasons may be, their social networking shenanigans captured a lot of their fans' attention!

And thanks to their tweets, my friends got to meet them in person!

Here's Cheryl's account of that exciting night:

Last Saturday night, May 5, my husband Douglas and I were driving back home from a great dinner at the Livermore Wine Festival when I checked Twitter. Zachary Quinto tweeted that he was at Hooters! The only Hooters that was close to where they were filming the new Star Trek movie was in Dublin, which we would be passing in less than ten minutes.

The chance to finally meet Zachary was too tempting. So off we went.

As we walked in, there stood the very handsome Benedict Cumberbatch!! He was really charming and briefly chatted with us. He said that he and the other actors were getting ready to go to San Francisco.

Just a few feet away stood Zachary Quinto who was looking gorgeous and adorable!! I was beyond thrilled! I introduced myself and apologized for intruding on their private playtime, but explained that the universe had conspired against me meeting him at his public appearances. He gave me an unforgettable smile and was extremely gracious about it. I asked (hopefully) if I could take a picture with him and the other Star Trek actors and he said yes!!

Right at that moment, however, the manager asked them to take a picture with the staff. Zachary told me to wait there and they would come back and take a picture with me. Hurricane force winds could not have moved me from that spot. I even got another opportunity to chat with Benedict.

After the pictures with the staff were done and not realizing I was waiting, Simon Pegg disappeared and Chris Pine started walking away. Zachary called Chris to come back because “Cheryl wants to take a picture with us!” Chris was wonderful and turned right around and came back.

When I introduced myself, Chris gave me a dazzling smile! Benedict joined us and the three of them lined up around me for the unforgettable picture that my thoughtful husband snapped. I have no idea why I didn’t spontaneously combust.

The bicepstuous pic of Squeeful proportions

After that, Chris and Benedict left and we were amazed to have Zachary all to ourselves for a few minutes! After a bit of chatting, he said goodbye and joined the others for their epic road trip to San Francisco.

Everything wonderful that has been said about Zachary Quinto's graciousness to his fans is so true!! And Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch were exceptionally charming. I adore all of them and getting to see them relaxing and having a great time together was so memorable. They were wonderful to us in a situation where they didn’t have to be, and Douglas and I will always be grateful.


Thanks so much to my friends (whom I will one day meet!), Doug and Cheryl Lowder for sharing their very squee-ful story. :)

Pics credit: Doug and Cheryl Lowder

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  1. Wonderful! Cheryl and Douglas were very lucky. :) Thanks for that great blog post!