Friday, May 20, 2011

Zachary Quinto Goes Lucid And Blue

Before The Door's first graphic novel "Lucid" - a collaboration with indie publishing company Archaia - was popular enough to warrant its first Vol. 1 collector's edition hardcover version.

Written by "True Blood" actor Michael McMillian, drawn by Polish-based artist Anna Wieszczyk and skilfully lettered by Shawn DePasquale, "Lucid" the graphic novel introduced us to rakish Matthew Dee, a powerful mage-spy working for the government and trying to take down a conspiracy fueled by shady dark forces.

The hardcover version, set for release on May 25th, also features a special forward by Alan Ball ("True Blood", "Six Feet Under"). It also has a sigil guide that includes their names and meanings!

To celebrate the event, two release parties/ book signings were held on the same day (18th May) on both East and West Coast of the USA!

Our handsome bb, Zachary Quinto happens to be in NYC this time of year and made an appearance for the book signing at Midtown Comics Downtown. Many hours before his autograph session at 6pm, there was already a long line forming. This later snaked around the alley near the shop!

SArmy moderator @Selestina118 attended the autograph session with a friend, and she will be sending us her story of the ZQ book signing soon.

Zach, ever the effortlessly-fashionable, arrived at Midtown Comics appropriately dressed in blue to match the cover of the "Lucid" collectors' edition! He also adorned his special brand of hair porn, not unlike the sexy-rumpled look Matthew Dee sports while throwing those potent sigils. Very nommy indeed.

I heard that no pics were allowed during Zach's appearance. So, it is a good thing Archaia/ BTD took some pics of Zach at the event for us to enjoy.

During the book signing, Zach and his hard-working biceps were accompanied by long-time friend and business partner, Corey Moosa, and Archaia editor-in-chief Stephen Christy. Both also very nommy in their own right. ;)

For those who were unable to attend the signing, autographed copies of the "Lucid" hardcover are available at Midtown Comics' online store. Click here!

Meanwhile, in LA, on the other side of the continent, Michael McMillian and Shawn DePasquale met fans at comic store Golden Apple during their own book signing session. To the delight of fans, "True Blood" actors Deborah Ann Woll and Anna Camp also showed up at the event to give their warm support to their co-star!

A Twitter pal @theReal_Rebel attended the LA signing and very thoughtfully got me an autographed copy of the "Lucid" hardcover. SO MWAH!

I'm hoping to get some blurbs/ pics about the LA signing from her soon.

Which gives you another reason to return to one of my blogs for more "Lucid"-related fan stories! ;)

PS: Oh. And to those who love ZQ *and* "The Vampire Diaries", take a bite of this delicious pic!!


  1. I ordered it online - so happy for 'rebel' and 'selestina' -

  2. Ordered it online. Next best thing to being there (if anything can be nearly that good).

  3. Yeah :) Used your blog for a pic for the ZQC Book Club at Good Reads.