Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fairy Tales and Romantic Comedies

... Two things that have been associated with Zachary Quinto recently.

Actually there's another -- unkempt beards. But I think I want to forget about that. :|

Personally, I am not totally adverse to beards. Some beards can look quite sexy, but the fashion in which Zach was spotting when some paps pics were taken, weren't exactly the kind that would throw me in a heated frenzy.

Although... on second thought, it kinda made me think of this:



As you can imagine, above image is probably what Zach did before he turned up to support photographer buddy, Tyler Shields who had hosted an exhibition called "Life Is Not A Fairytale". Held in an LA warehouse, Tyler showcased his various photographs - many of which were of celebrities - either wet, bloody, in stockings, with a gun/knife/weapon of choice, or simply skimpily dressed.

Tyler's celeb photo subjects, including Lindsay Lohan (who recently posed as a vampire in one of Tyler's photoshoots), Brittany Snow, Jenna Ushkowitz, visited the exhibition as well. Apparently, stormtroopers were also in attendance. I wondered if Mickey Mouse turned up too?

Sans messy beard, Zachary looked neatly handsome with his biceps in a grey suit at Tyler's exhibition. Even though I'm not a big fan of Tyler's style, I do like the photos he takes of Zach. Maybe having such an athletic and photogenic subject helps ;)

Then, another repetitive theme with Zach lately is the romantic comedy. If you haven't caught the trailer for "What's Your Number", an annoying chick flick starring Anna Faris, CLICK HERE!

Other than scruffy bedhead Zach nomming heartily on breakfast, and a hunky Chris Evans, I think I would have most probably given this an eye-rolling groan and a pass.

And when you thought you might have had enough of rom-coms, Zach and his production company Before The Door just announced that they will be going ahead with their second yet untitled feature film - also a rom-com! The twist is that this film is written by the kooky PERIODS gang - Victor Quinaz, Anna Martemucci and Philip Quinaz. VQ will also be directing the movie.

All that we know about the movie is that it will be financed by commercial and trailer company, Anonymous Content. And that it will feature an ensemble of actors and will be filmed in a found footage style that will mash-up scripted and improv comedy.

Now, I have to say this sounds a helluva lot more interesting than "What's Your Number".

I just hope that it doesn't get too "out there" till I don't quite appreciate what the heck is going on. Which happens sometimes when I watch those PERIODS shorts. However, the team still does come up with a few improv belly-tickling gems from time to time, so... this new movie might just turn out to be totally hilarious!

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