Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A French Fan's Meeting With Zachary Quinto

It is always a joy hearing or reading stories about fans from various countries who get to meet the gracious Zachary Quinto.

Whatever one thinks of Zach and his sometimes curt behaviour towards some press folks, he has, in most cases, been very patient with his fans.

In the 2009 Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas which I attended, Zach had one of the longest lines for his autograph-session and he took his time - whether that be a few seconds or half a minute or more - for each fan. He chatted with them and acknowledged each fan's thank you with the same. Count me impressed that day. For I have met many celebs, and I wasn't expecting too much from one as galactically popular as he.

He had also exceeded this time allocated for the very short autograph (paid!) session, but he made sure that he signed for as many fans as he could - to the chagrin of the organizers that Sunday afternoon.

So, I am absolutely pleased to publish this fan story from Isabelle, who flew all the way across the Atlantic from France to watch Zachary Quinto in Signature Theatre's "Angels In America" in NYC earlier this year.


I met Zachary Quinto in New York City on 18 and 19 January 2011. It was a magical and great moment!

I went alone to visit NYC and I bought my tickets for "Angels In America" in France. It was very difficult to find those tickets but I know of a very good travel agency!

I sent a message to Zach on Facebook, and asked if he will be on stage for my ticket dates, and he answered me "YES". I was really happy that he answered and I sent him a package by post (a bottle of champagne) for Christmas, addressed to the Signature Theatre's box office.

When I finally arrived in NYC to see "Angels In America", I was seated near the stage at row C. And when Zach was on stage for the play, he was right in front of me. And not merely behind the tv screen! Amazing!

"Angels In America" is very different than "Heroes" of course. The play is about a delicate subject and "Angels In America" shows that it is very difficult to live with these issues in real life, and you must respect people and their choices.

At the end of the first part of "Angels In America", I waited at the entrance with the hope of meeting Zach, when suddenly he appeared from backstage and I said "Excuse me"?

I asked him, "Can I have a picture with you and an autograph?" He said, "Yes", and he also signed my "Angels In America" programme. I asked him if he had received my package. He told me that he did not and I was surprised that it hadn't arrived.

So, the next morning, I went to the Signature Theatre's box office to ask if they had received a package from France. And indeed, there was. My package was under a chair at the entrance, it was there since 22nd of December. I decided to hand the package to Zach myself.

That evening, I went to watch the second part of "Angels In America". At the end of the play, I waited at the entrance of the theatre again, and I yet again, I said him "Excuse me."

He greeted, "Hello, your name is Isabelle, isn't it?" Wow. He remembered my name. I felt very intimidated but proceeded to tell him, "I have a present for you." And I explained him that the package had arrived and had been waiting at the box office, but it wasn't handed to him.

This is not the first time that I've meet actors or singers. But I've always felt a little wary, because when you see actors and singers, you have your own preconceived ideas about their personalities and sometimes you feel disappointed when you meet them in real life!

With Zachary Quinto, who I think is a great actor, it was an honour and a delight meeting him. He is nice, cool, respectful and very, very handsome in real life.

I wish him a lot of success and a lot of happiness...and I hope to meet him a second time...!


Credit: All pics belong to Isabelle Migout
Text edited by syzzlyn

Thanks Isabelle for the story and pics. Glad you met the wonderful man himself! :)


  1. That is awesome! Thanks for sharing the story.

  2. A lovely account of a lovely experience! Thank you!